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Dear Citizen,

Welcome to the first bi-annual convention aboard the Inter-Dome Railway. We have set up these conventions to promote co-operation and the sharing of ideas between domes. We hope this will provide an opportunity to bring the brightest minds together, mixing our ways of life, and the opportunity to expand our societies to achieve bigger and better things.

So make yourself at home, mingle with your fellow passengers and enjoy the ride.

- Daniel Wolfe, Head of the IDRW, Jowett Transport Co., Muruvia


The Wilderness

Paradiso is the Oxford University RPG Society's Society Game for Michaelmas 2014 / Hilary 2015. Players take on the role of citizens of a collection of domed city states, situated around a sea in a barren Wilderness. Until but a few decades ago, none of the cities knew of the existence of the others, believing themselves to be the lone survivors of a catastrophic apocalypse that swept away The World That Was, leaving little behind. Since meeting each other, the domes have between them constructed a circular railway that links them together, providing relatively fast and safe passage through the untamed Wilderness. Recently completed, it is on this train that the players meet; rumours are circulating of a mysterious 'Paradise' - a sanctuary from the ruined world - but little more is known. Perhaps through these gatherings, the truth of the matter can be ascertained?


To get started with Paradiso, feel free to begin with the Introduction page - or, if you're a seasoned roleplayer then you can dive straight into things on The Domed Cities and get started on making your character at Character Creation.

Game sessions run on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm until 9:45pm, although we meet from 7:00pm beforehand.

Character Creation Session: Tuesday 1st week of Michaelmas Term; 14th October 2014, the Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College.

If you're not sure what you're doing and feel like you could do with a helping hand, or if you're just looking to meet some new people and want to make some pre-game plans then come along to our character creation session. The GMs and old-hands will be happy to assist.

Next Roleplaying Session: Tuesday 8th week of Hilary Term; 10th March 2015, the Oscar Wilde Room, Magdalen College.

Please don't hesitate to email the organisers at gm@paradiso.chaosdeathfish.com. You can also subscribe to the OURPGSoc mailing list at rpgsoc-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk.

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