Character Advancement

Meeting people from other domes presents many new opportunities, including the chance to improve skills, or learn new ones. This means that over the course of the game you will get to improve various skills, on special character advancement turns. Starting from Turnsheet 2 (that's OOC week 3), and then continuing on every other turnsheet (i.e. even numbered turnsheets), you will be able to put one additional point into a skill of your choice. Note that bonuses are applied at the end of the turnsheet, so cannot be used during it.

There are a few limitations to how you can spend that point:

Level -1 (Inept)

Under no circumstances can you move an inept rank up to 0. Inept skills will stay at -1 for the duration of the game.

Level 0 (Base level skill)

If a skill is at level 0, you can spend your advancement point to put it up to 1, without any issue.

Levels 1 - 4

If you are at levels 1-4, you must have used your skill recently in order to advance it. In this game, recently means that you've used it in the last 2 turnsheets (the equivalent of 1 I.C. year, or similarly since the last character advancement turnsheet).

Using a skill simply involves naming it as one of the skills you plan to use at the top of a major action 1), so this will only really affect you if you try to offhandedly advance a skill halfway through the game having never used it before.

Level 5 (World Expert)

Level 5 is the highest level you can get, and as such it cannot be advanced further!

1) so long as that skill is actually relevant, of course - claiming to use your Combat in an action purely dedicated to researching a new breed of rabbit will not work!
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