Character Creation

Stage 0: Browse the Sample Characters

Stuck for inspiration? Not sure what sort of character you want? Then have a look at the Sample Characters and see if that sparks your passion for anything. Once you have an idea for a character you want to create, move on up!

Stage 1: Pick a Dome

Read through the 8 dome pages, and decide which one you'd like your character to live in. Note that each dome is very distinct, so read them carefully, as your choice will have an important impact on your character's background. Also, while most traits are available to everyone, each dome has a handful of traits unique to it, so be sure to check the Traits page before making your decision.

One other important thing to note: If you choose Kallipolis, you will not get a name but an ID (see the Kallipolis Dome page for details on this).

Stage 2: Pick a Rank

Within your dome, you will have a range of ranks to pick from. While this won't have as much distinction as each dome, your rank affects which “Favoured” skills you can take (see the Skills page for more information on this), as well as your social standing within the dome. Not all of the ranks listed on the dome pages will be available when creating a new character, so check the dome pages for playable ranks.

Stage 3: Pick your Skills

Choose where you want to put your skill points. You will have 6 skill points to put into the 9 skills, but you can supplement these by taking up to 3 skills at inept level. Be aware that inept skills cannot be advanced later in the game, so take these at your own risk.

You can put up to 2 skill points in any single skill, or up to 3 in the two favoured skills for your rank.

Stage 4: Pick your Traits

Next you can pick your traits. These come at a variety of costs between -3 and +3. By default you get 2 points to spend, which like skills, can be added to by taking up to 6 negative points of traits, giving up to 8 points in total. You can take further negative traits, but these will not give you extra positive points.

There are a large number of traits which can be taken by anyone, but there are also a number of traits which can be taken only by specific domes. Additionally, some of these dome traits can only be taken by certain ranks, so make sure you check that section of the traits page. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about this.

Stage 5: Detail

Your character is pretty much ready. All they need now is a name, a public bio to tell other players who they are, and a backstory to give some context to how your character came to have their set of skills and traits.

It should be noted that whatever you write in your backstory will not be allowed to advantage you in play unless you have taken the relevant traits. For example, please don't write “I have a farm with loads of animals” and expect to be able to use the animals, unless you have taken a suitable traits such as Pet or Resources. Your background is flavour, and as such should not attempt to affect your character's strengths and weaknesses.

If your character has a particular view on Paradise (various theories on the matter can be found here, but you are welcome to come up with your own), let us know.

Tip: Your background doesn't need to be particularly long, but it can be helpful to specify a little bit about your character's temperament, so we can get a feel for how they are likely to respond during action writeups.

Stage 6: Submit

Once you are happy, you should submit your character for approval to the GM team at We'll have a look over it just in case it needs any tweaking, and then you're ready to play! For convenience, you might want to copy and paste this structure in to ensure that you don't miss anything:

Name (or ID; see Kallipolis):



Skill Levels:

  • Academics:
  • Combat:
  • Craftsmanship:
  • Endurance:
  • Medicine:
  • Navigation:
  • Persuasion:
  • Stealth:
  • Strategy:



Public Bio:

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