The information presented on this page is intended to give you a flavour of this dome, to help you decide where you want your character to live and how they fit into the world. IC, most of it will be unknown to those who are not citizens. At game start, expect to receive a bit more detail on your chosen dome.

A dome characterised by its dedication to keeping its citizens safe, no matter the cost.

“Citizens of Citadell, remember why we work. Look to the person next to you, and you will see. We work to keep ourselves and our fellow citizens safe. We work so we can survive in this post-apocalyptic world. Therefore, give it your all, and help Citadell remain safe and secure. Let us remember and thank our Protector, who keeps us safe from any and all threats. Let us thank our Soldier, who keeps us trained and ready for any threats that we may face. And finally, let us thank our Supreme Officer, who keeps us safe from threats we did not know we had.”
-Sylvia Brown, daily broadcast

Citadell is a dome where you can live your life in safety and peace. Citadell is kept safe by its Protector, Micheal Wright. The Protector uses the Force and the Security Police to keep the citizens of Citadell safe and secure.

Population: ~50,000


Ancient History

“When the world that was burnt down in ashes, there was anarchy, chaos, and the people of Citadell were in need of security. A man named Karl Russell promised to keep them safe, and became the first Protector of Citadell. He created the Force and the Security Police to keep the people safe.

The people of the dome went through an Education that was overseen by the newly created Security Police. They were drafted into the Force and given jobs according to what they were skilled at. From then on, every child was to go through Education as well, and that's how Citadell came to be.”
–extract from “The Official History of Citadell”

Recent History

The Revelation

30 years ago, when Clive Russell was the Protector and Maximillian Royce was the Soldier(see Force) the existence of life outside Citadell became known to the people. Realizing the danger outside forces could pose to the safety and security of Citadell, Maximillian ordered the creation of the Army, a standing military that would stand ready against threats from the outside. The Army would organize regular expeditions into the Wilderness, to learn more about the outside world and the threats it poses to the safety and security of Citadell.

The Disaster

A few years later, Maximillian Royce was killed while he was on an expedition with some men of the army. The ones who returned from this expedition were delirious, and none of them remembered what happened to Maximillian. After this event, Clive Russell gave Maximillian the posthumous honorary title of Lord, and the date of his departure would be mourned every year. It's been 23 years, and the opening of the IDRW coincides with the 22nd Mourning. The Citadellians will never forget Lord Maximillian for all that he's done for them.

The People

The People of Citadell are split into two groups, The Force, which represents the general population, and the Security Police. The two are entirely separated and strict hierarchy rules both of them.

The Force

This is the Army's uniform

The Force was created by the first Protector, Lord Russell, in order to teach the citizens of Citadell the importance of unity, of being a single force if needed. Lord Russell also organized the Force to train every citizen for at least two years in basic military training, more if needed. This was to ensure the citizens knew the importance of hierarchy and following orders, and to have them fit and ready, to make sure they can be of the most use to Citadell's success. The Force wasn't envisioned as a traditional army, since the existence of other civilisations wasn't known. However, now the militaristic training of Citadell's citizens can be of even more use, since they're able to function well as an army.

Every citizen of Citadell is part of the Force, except for the SP. Once the students come to the Force, all of them go through 2 years of rigorous military training. At the end of this training, at the age of 14, people finally choose what they want to do with their life. They have one of 3 choices. (See Childhood)

The Soldier is the leader of the Force. The Soldier is the one responsible for organizing the Force when the city needs to react to danger. He also organises regular expeditions to learn more about the outside world. The current Soldier is Robert Pearce, a man loved by his people. He's strict when he needs to be, but shows compassion towards his men. He's close friends with the Protector, who was the Soldier before him.

The Force has a very strict hierarchy where only the highest ranking members are part of the Army.

The Army

The first choice is a full-time job at the Army, which means they will spend the rest of their lives either training to fight or fighting. The Army was created 30 years ago, when it became known that civilizations outside of Citadell still remained and could pose a threat. The Army is the standing military of Citadell. These members of the Force devote themselves to a life of military and combat training. The rest of the Force remains on standby duty, and the army is better trained in strategy to be able to command the Force if it came to war with outside forces.

The Teachers

The second choice is to become a Teacher. This choice is only available to a select few who were chosen by their Teachers during their Education as Teacher candidates. Teachers undergo another 2 years of training in communication, to make sure they can educate the students properly. Teachers work full-time on educating the children of Citadell, and they're highly respected for their work. The head of the Teachers is called the Educator, and is currently Margaret Hathsburg.

The Workforce

The third choice is a vocational life; working as a trader in the city, or tending to the crops to keep Citadell fed, or working as an engineer to make sure the buildings in Citadell stand upright are examples of what a citizen can choose to do. The people who make this third choice start their life as apprentices, and learn the tools of their trade from their master. No formal training or education is given to them after the age of 14. These people remain a part of the Force, and are obligated to report to the dome every month to certify that they are still alive. In a case of emergency or war, the dome can call upon them to fight the dome's enemies.

The Security Police

The Security Police (or the SP) was created by Lord Russell to help him in educating and training the citizens of Citadell to stay safe. He chose a small group of people he could trust completely, and gave them great power. The Security Police handled the first Education and training of the citizens. After the first Education, the Teachers were created to take over the duties of the Education, while the Force itself took over the duties of the training. Now, the SP are devoted to keeping Citadell safe from any inside threats they may face, these usually being rebels who are not happy with the system. This is the SP's uniform

Also called the Safety Police, the SP are in charge of keeping Citadell safe. Under the command of the Supreme Officer, they keep Citadell safe from any inside threats that may arise. The SP are not part of the Force, instead being a police officer is their full time job. While the Army deals with out-of-dome threats, the SP deals with in-dome threats and keeps the people safe.

The Supreme Officer is the head of the SP. Edgar Sheppard is the current Supreme Officer. He's a very strict man with no visible compassion or empathy. He's known for his dedication to keeping Citadell safe.

The Commanding Officer is the Supreme Officer's second in charge. The current CO is Philip Wright, the Protector's brother.

After the Commanding Officer come the Regional Officers, with each region of Citadell having several. The rest of the SP fall under Regional Officers. Jess Royce, the late Soldier's daughter, is a Regional Officer for the Central District.

Once students choose to join the Security Police at the end of their Education, they are given a rigorous training in Combat and Stealth, to ensure that they can recognize any secret threats and fight them effectively. One thing to note is that this training is separate from the training of the Force, and is considerably more rigorous in its nature. (See Childhood)



Citadell is governed by the one and only Protector. He serves as the head of state and commander in chief. The current Protector is Michael Wright, who was the Soldier after Maximillian Royce and before Robert Pearce. The people of Citadell love their Protector. The Protector's main helpers are the the Soldier, who commands and organizes the Force, the Supreme Officer, who commands the Security Police, the Educator, who's in charge of making sure the children of Citadell are properly Educated, the Banker, who handles the Secure Bank and regulates the trade in the city and finally the Reporter, who's the head of Citadell Press.


Citadell has one bank, the Secure Bank, run by the Banker, Gregory Huisman, a sympathetic man who understands the troubles of the common citizen. The Bank mints the Citadell Coin. All of Citadell's citizens are paid their wages by the government, and trade between citizens is allowed but monitored by Gregory Huisman, who is also called the Trader by some. Anyone who wishes to open a shop in the city needs to get permission from the Trader, and must send in a report every month about their business. The Trader/Banker has several citizens working for both the Secure Bank and the regulation of the shops. Higher-ranked citizens in all vocations of Citadell get paid more, since the Protector believes that a citizen who has served Citadell well deserves to live a better life. The Coin has value in most other domes, since the Secure Bank is the most secure bank that one can find in the Wilderness.

Daily Life

Life in Citadell is very organized, and does not leave much room for entertainment. Everybody has a full-day job, and there are no holidays, except for the check-in day for each citizen, when they have to go to Citadell Hall. Most jobs exist in Citadell, such as doctors, engineers, menial workers, farmers, shop-owners and teachers. Most of these are like what you might expect, with the notable exception of teachers and police officers. In their free time, most people socialize. Bars and pubs exist in Citadell, and alcohol is allowed. People are only allowed to drink after working hours, and anybody found drunk during work-time is punished by the SP. Although children are taken to be Educated at a young age, family is still important in Citadell, and children are taught to take care of their family and keep them safe. This emphasis on socializing is to make sure people care about their fellow citizens, and want to keep them safe in case of a threat. This socializing aspect also makes it hard for people with rebellious ideas and identities to keep these secret, since people always know where you are. Sports are allowed in Citadell, but not competitively, since that could reinforce conflicts in the dome. Sports are allowed as an after-work activity, and are encouraged since one of the aims of the dome is to keep its citizens fit and ready.


Everybody in Citadell goes through the Education at a young age. This Education is organized by the Teachers, with the Educator as the top teacher. Margaret Hathsburg is the current Educator and is thought of as a compassionate and friendly Teacher. Once the Education is complete at the age of 12, all students are ranked by their Teachers on how successful they were. The rankings take into consideration how physically fit, and how devoted to the dome they are. The higher ranked (15%) students are given the choice to join the Security Police. Since the Security Police is a relatively stable life and has a crucial role in the safety of Citadell's citizens, the most devoted students choose this path. Overall, about 10% of students each year choose the Security Police, while the rest come to join the Force, where their training happens.


People with disabilities are usually given jobs that require little to no physical labour, and are given a lighter military training when they're growing up. Citadell believes in the equality of its citizens and the right of everyone to have a safe and secure life.

The Media

There is a central radio channel in Citadell which broadcasts the news, as well as a daily newspaper. Both of these are owned by the Citadell Press, which is governed by the Reporter, currently Sylvia Brown. A young woman at the age of 36 who's dedicated to her work, she has risen up the ranks quickly.

Some books are taught to students during the Education, while some exist for entertainment. Books can be bought from many of the Citadell shops in the Central District.


The Security Police has a strict dress code to differentiate themselves from the Force. They all wear black uniforms, with the Regional Officers and the Commanding Officer also having greys in their uniform. The Supreme Officer wears a black uniform adorned with gold. The Security Police wear a helmet which is adorned with the symbol of Citadell. This is the Supreme Officer's uniform

The Army of Citadell has a strict dress code, with a blue uniform and stars on your shoulder representing your standing in the Army. The Soldier has the highest number of stars with 5. Most in the Army range from 2 to 4 stars, with the rest of the Force at 1 star. The mighty symbol of Citadell stands at the heart of every Armyman.

The Teachers don't have a dress code, but most prefer to wear comfortable and welcoming clothing, to make the children feel at ease and make the teaching easier.

The Rest of the Force do not have a dress code for their daily lives, most wear what their profession would require of them. However, if they're called by the Army to serve as soldiers, they would have to wear the same uniform as them.

Interacting with the Outside

Some of Citadell's citizens are allowed to interact with citizens from the other domes, however they are reminded that Citadell's ability to keep them safe is non-existant outside the dome. The Security Police does work aboard the IDRW, but that's it. Most citizens aren't a fan of interacting with the outside world anyway, since Citadell keeps them safe and secure, and that's all they need. The citizens who are boarding the IDRW will get a detailed brief when it's time.


Citadell is broken up into several districts to make management easier. Each district has Regional Officers from the SP in charge.


Citadell has no towering buildings. Most buildings are one or two floors high. The highest building in the dome is the Citadell Hall at three floors high. The buildings are neatly ordered, and it's apparent that the engineers and architects tried to make efficient use of the space available. Most houses are large enough that the families in them are comfortable and are not concerned about space.


Central District

The Central District is the main district, where most of the government and businesses are located. The Citadell Hall, where the headquarters of the Force is located, is at the center of Citadell. Every citizen has a specific day of the month where he or she most come to the hall to let the Force know of their current situation.

The Lounging Hound is the best pub of Citadell, also located in the Central District. Many pub veterans, such as Hans Guilbert and Maxwell Ahlers can be found here, enjoying a pint and sharing their wisdom. Beware, though, get caught drunk during work-time, and being drunk will be the last thing you have to worry about.

Northern District

This is the place where most of the greenhouses and farms are.

Southern District

The Southern District is where the Education and the military training of Citadell citizens take place. A large district that is closed off to people not authorized to work in there, many citizens never get to visit the Southern District after the age of 14.

Eastern District

The Eastern District is the smallest district and where the headquarters of the Security Police is located. Workers such as engineers who have business in this district have to get special permission slips from the SP.

Western District

The Western District is the residence district, containing mostly houses with the occasional shop in between. Everybody except the SP and the army sleeps here.

Common Opinions


“A very promising society. A proper hierarchy, and people working together. If they would put their minds to useful work instead of stuff like fashion and art, they could be unstoppable.”
- Maxwell Ahlers, Pub Veteran

“I would enjoy putting those minds to good use. It's quite a shame they won't stand a chance against the harshness of this world. Maybe an alliance would be a good idea?”
- Gregory Huisman, the Trader


“Knowledge? Do they not realize the world has gone down in ashes? I'm sorry, the idea is noble, but you cannot keep someone safe if all you do is read books. Also, a hierarchy based on an exam? These people are kids playing in an adult's world.”
- Robert Pearce, Soldier

“Very interesting indeed. They lack what we have, and we lack what they have. An alliance, which combines their knowledge and our might could be unstoppable.”
- Hans Guilbert, shop-owner


“So, who's in charge here? Without a pecking order, who knows who to listen to? It seems like getting anything done in this society would take days.”
- Gregory Huisman, the Banker

“These people have it wrong. Promoting against hierarchy would not bring the people together, instead, it would cause them to drift apart, since it's very easy for someone to think their ideas are the correct ones and hate the people opposing them if everyone thinks they are the most senior. No hierarchy breeds conflict, which breaks unity, which threatens safety.”
- Michael Wright, the Protector


“Savage beasts! Everyone caring about their own skin, no safety, no security, no order! This is not how a society functions!”
- Robert Pearce, Soldier

“This is an official announcement. Take care when approaching people from this Wildekein; they are not to be trusted. They might have been the ones who took the life of Lord Maximillian. They are the epitome of chaos, and they pose a major threat to our security and safety.”
- Sylvia Brown, the Reporter, radio transmission


“Unimpressive. A hierarchy that leaves much to be desired. People desiring good only for themselves, and not caring about their fellow citizens. Power and Safety comes through unity, not individualism.”
- Michael Wright, the Protector

“A ticking time bomb in my opinion. People who are only interested in money will never succeed. A genuine care for your fellow citizens is needed if a society is to flourish.”
- Gregory Huisman, the Banker

“An interesting take on security. While people strive to earn money for their own good, they also agree to abide by the rules of a central police force which is dedicated to keeping them safe. They may be more like us then we realise.”
- Jess Royce, Regional Officer


“They have a considerable military force, and a complete devotion to each other. These people are not to be underestimated, and if left unchecked, could pose a threat to our security.”
- Michael Wright, the Protector

“We aim to keep the people safe, whilst they aim to eliminate the concept of a person. The efficiency of their lifestyle is impressive, but what good does it accomplish, if there are no more humans with emotions and personalities to experience it?”
- Robert Pearce, Soldier


“It is definitely interesting to see a society develop where the population is not concerned about its well-being, but instead on its pleasures. Quite a shame that they aren't ready for the harsh world out there.”
- Hans Guilbert, Shop-owner

“Instead of teaching the people the correct values, they try to hinder rebellious ideas through drugs which do not allow the citizens to form their own thoughts. I'd like to try some of these drugs on the troublemakers here.”
- Edgar Sheppard, Supreme Officer


“While I was against it at first, it has given us a chance to see what these other domes are like. And I must confess, I'm quite impressed by some of what I've seen.”
- Robert Pearce, Soldier

“This is a clear threat to our dome's safety. We have no way of ensuring our citizen's safety while they're in other domes. And we're going to let non-educated people from other domes into Citadell? I'm sorry, I do not agree with this decision.”
-Jess Royce, Regional Officer

The Wilderness

“This is an official announcement. The recent expedition led by our esteemed Soldier Robert Pearce has returned with half the men that went out. Citadell expresses its sincerest condolences to the families of the deceased, and promises to remember the men that have fallen. Remember, citizens, the Wilderness is not safe.”
- Sylvia Brown, the Reporter, radio transmission


“Paradise? We've got it right here. Everybody's safe, secure and happy. I don't see the point in looking for it elsewhere.”
- Maxwell Ahlers, Pub Veteran

“I think it's out there, somewhere. I believe there's more to life than just living it. I think we were meant to experience the world, and find life's meaning for our own. I think that meaning is what's going to lead us to Paradise.”
- Hans Guilbert, Shop-owner

Rolling a Citadell Character

Note: this section is for creating a character in Citadell. For more general character creation read the character creation page.

Characters from Citadell are characterised by having a sense of duty and loyalty to their city. They can be part of either the Security Police - maybe even as a Regional Officer - the Army, the Teachers or the Force as a common man. Although not as controlled as Kallipolis, the focus tends to be on ensuring the security of the dome is upheld, and as such there is a strict adherence and sense of duty to jobs and responsibilities that ensure that. Whilst the Security Police are considered the cream of the crop, other professions and positions are still highly valued, and require a dedicated mindset and strong sense of duty. However, especially in the Army, such dedication can happen at the detriment of other skills, and less orthodox personalities tend to struggle.

Citadell is well suited to civilised characters who have a strong sense of duty, and feel as though strong defence and security is paramount. Politically-minded characters would tend to do well as part of the Security Police, although interest in other more mundane vocations is possible if one is part of the Force as a common man as every citizen receives 2 years of mandatory military training.

If creating a character in the Security Police then you can choose whether to be a normal officer or a Regional Officer of one of the districts (subject to GM approval). For the Army it would be useful to know your standing (denoted by stars from 2 to 4), and for the Rest of the Force it would be useful to know what your profession is, although do remember that this can be almost any ordinary job within Citadell.

Playable Ranks

You can choose to play any of the following ranks. The Skills listed are the favoured skill for each (meaning you can take up to 3 points in that skill, rather than the usual 2).

Faction Favoured Skills
Security Police Stealth and Combat
The Army Strategy and Combat
The Teachers Persuasion and Combat
Rest of the Force Endurance and Combat

Citadell Specific Traits

For more information about the traits system, as well as other traits a Citadell character can take, please visit the traits page.

Link with the Leader (+2)

You have a close relationship with one of the higher-ups in your profession. Whether you're a part of the Military or the Security Police, you've seen that this relationship has helped you a lot in the past.

Vocal Enthusiast (-1) [Army / Teachers / Rest of the Force Only]

You like talking a lot. In the past, you've raised your voice about how you think the Security Police's methods are excessive or incorrect, or something to that effect. Now, you're on their watch-list, and that's never good.

Kind Nurturer (+2) [Teachers Only]

Your teaching skills have left a great impression on many young minds, and they still feel grateful towards you. They might be able to pull some strings if you ask them for favours.

Cruel Officer(-1) [Security Police Only]

You're known throughout Citadell for your brutal methods when it comes to dealing with troublemakers. The people fear you, and some might even hate you behind closed doors.

Tough Officer(+1) [Security Police Only]

You're known throughout Citadell for your effectiveness when it comes to dealing with troublemakers. The people respect you for taking care of business, and you've saved many people from pesky troublemakers.

Regional Officer(0) [Security Police Only]

Choose this trait if you'd like to be a regional officer for a district. The GM's will choose your district for you. Keep in mind, becoming a Regional Officer will mean a considerable amount of duties.


Remember, dressing up is entirely optional! These are simply suggestions for those who want to.

The Security Police has a strict dress code to differentiate themselves from the Force. They all wear black uniforms, with the Regional Officers and the Commanding Officer also having greys in their uniform. The Security Police wear a helmet which is adorned with the symbol of Citadell.

The Army of Citadell has a strict dress code, with a blue uniform and stars on your shoulder representing your standing in the Army. The Soldier has the highest number of stars with 5. Most in the Army range from 2 to 4 stars, with the rest of the Force at 1 star. The mighty symbol of Citadell stands at the heart of every Armyman.

The Teachers don't have a dress code, but most prefer to wear comfortable and welcoming clothing, to make the children feel at ease and make the teaching easier.

The Rest of the Force do not have a dress code for their daily lives, most wear what their profession would require of them. However, if they're called by the Army to serve as soldiers, they would have to wear the same uniform as them.

Naming Conventions

Citadellian's names sometimes sound Germanic.

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