Costume Swap Shop

This is the Paradiso Costume Swap Shop. Whilst costumes are by no means necessary to play your character at meetings (and please don't feel pressured to buy one!), we find that dressing up is a lot of fun and can really help you get into the spirit of things. To that end, we have created this page to help both newbies and more experienced roleplayers find what they need to put the finishing touches to their character.

How This Works

When you have been set up with a Wiki User Account you will be able to edit this page. You may also upload files into the costume: namespace in the Media Manager, so that you can put a small picture next to your request so that people know what kind of thing you're after, or a picture of what you're willing to lend. Please keep these to a reasonable size so that the page doesn't get cluttered, though. If you need help with or experience problems in posting to this page, please contact the GMs and we will try to sort it out as soon as possible.

There are two sections below - costume wanted and costume available. In the first you may post requests for items you need, and in the second you may post a list of what you have available that you are willing to lend others.

Costume Wanted

Please place a description of what you would like to borrow in this section. If you need more than one, just group your requests together. Please also sign your username so potential lenders can contact you using the signature button in the edit toolbar. Make sure to label any emails you send about costumes as OOC.

Brown Trench coat and Hat wanted (cane optional)

Hey all, I'm looking for a brown Trench coat and Hat for my costume. Also, a cane would be great, but not essential. If anyone has items fitting this description, could you please bring them along to tonight's (21st of October) session, or contact me ASAP. I have some items I can lend in return.

Nino F

Costumes Available

Please place lists of what you have on offer to be borrowed in this section. If you have more than one, just group your items together. Please also sign your username (and any lending conditions) so that potential borrowers can contact you using the signature button in the edit toolbar. Make sure to label any emails you send about costumes as OOC.

  • Tom's “Hey, I was at the top of the list” additional costume accessories
    • A few sets of 3D glasses for popping out lenses (Now only one pair)
    • Ties in red and black
    • Tom Le, 20 Oct 2014
  • Jen's “I have to have a separate room for this” costumes
    • Many and various mediaeval styles of costume, from Viking to Stuart. Most fits size 14-16 women; some is androgynous and will fit similarly-sized men
    • two cloaks–gray wool; purple-and-beige sett in wool.
    • various shirts (ghillie, Hamlet, etc)
    • Biggles hat and goggles for sale (£10 and £6 respectively)
    • Jen M, 20 Oct 2014
  • Tom's Slightly Large Stash of Costumes
    • One green “Commander” hat
    • One curly blonde wig
    • One delapidated curly blue wig
    • One brown beard
    • One wizard's hat
    • One Lab Coat (with safety glasses) (Lent to GMs)
    • One (crushed) top hat
    • One (crushed) witch-finder general's hat
    • One einstien wig (Lent to GMs)
    • One black cloak
    • One black mask
    • One white mask
    • One wispy silvery wig
    • Tom Le, 20 Oct 2014
  • Yangos' small stash of paraphernalia
    • One silvery pin with a celtic disk and sword.
    • One black cane with silvery handle-thing.
    • A pair of 'Steampunk' (ugh) heavy-rimmed glasses, with flip-up darkened lenses.
  • **— Jenny's “No really if you need something I probably have it” kit mountain
    • NO REALLY, if I don't I probably know someone who does

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