The World That Was

The World That Is and Is To Come

The Domes

Factions of the Wilderness

Domian Settlements

Character Eternities

Bonus Round


Wondering what was going on in the other domes? All the private news and citizen briefs, along with additional private briefs where they existed, are now publicly available!

The Crew of the Iron Yoxen gained a player-editable noticeboard during play, although it was destroyed by Pholus Dedcastell when he blew up Captain Lemma and the Iron Yoxen. The noticeboard can be viewed here, although you will need to use the Old Revisions button to see what it contained.

For the sake of completeness, these are the compiled notes from CASTER obtained by Augustus Smith and Martin Richards - however, these were completely reproduced in Martin's book On the History and Destiny of Man, which was made publicly available during play.


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