Frontier Posts

In the 32 years since the people of Wildekein first left the safety of their dome there have been a number of projects to construct things out in the Wilderness, the most noticeable of which being the IDRW. The Wilderness is dangerous however, and so most people have preferred to remain in, or near to, the safety of the domes.

Near Dome Structures

The majority of the buildings constructed are located only a short distance away from the domes that built them, both for convenience and safety. Most of the domes have now expanded beyond their walls, although few have permanent residents outside their borders.

The Cross Expansion Sites

Cross has constructed a number of warehouse-like structures outside of the dome, which are leased to individuals working on large scale projects that need more space than the tightly packed city within the dome can provide.

The Sophoston Observatory

Sophostos has constructed a tower half a day's walk away from the dome for the purposes of astronomical and meteorological study. It is continually manned on a shift basis.

Outer Wildekein

A sizeable portion of Wildekein is now situated outside of the walls, with notable structures being Wolff Tower, the headquarters of the Seekers, and the Shipyards. The latter could almost be considered a town in its own right and is the main centre of industry in Wildekein, producing barges that sail up and down the river.

The Slums of Kallipolis

Since Kallipolis started banishing criminals rather than executing them a number of settlements have been made outside the dome. These now rival Outer Wildekein in size and number of occupants.

Railway Outposts

The IDRW is the largest construction project the domes have ever carried out, and has necessitated a number of other structures to be built in the Wilderness.

The Stations

Each Dome had to construct a station outside of their walls for the train to stop at. These vary greatly in size and design, with the Muruvian station being the largest.

The Mines

In order to supply the resources necessary to construct the IDRW a number of mines were dug in the Mountains between Cross and Ravissem. Now that the railway is completed there is considerable debate about who now owns the mines and what use the materials from them should be put to.

Railside Frontier Posts

On each section of track, roughly equidistant between the two domes there is a fortified frontier post and way station. These were indispensable whilst the railway was still under construction, serving as a base camp and supply point for the workers, supplementing other more temporary camps. Like the mines the future of these Frontier Posts are in doubt, despite the fact that Jowett Transport Co. has promised to stop at these posts once a month, to allow expeditions to set out from them. Some people want the posts to remain continually manned while others think they should be abandoned. Some may even grow into full blown settlements, meriting more frequent stops of the railway.

Deep Wilderness Outposts

Currently their are no permanent outposts more than half a day away from either a dome or the railway, although their have been a number of temporary expedition camps set up over the years. Now that the IDRW is complete and there is a heavier focus on exploration, could an outpost in the deep wilderness be next?

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