The information presented on this page is intended to give you a flavour of this dome, to help you decide where you want your character to live and how they fit into the world. IC, most of it will be unknown to those who are not citizens. At game start, expect to receive a bit more detail on your chosen dome.

A dome where most people know each other, and agriculture takes up most of the land.

Haven is a dome where everyone is equal, and farming is an important part of the society. Less developed in many ways than the other domes, it has changed little over time, but the people are generally friendlier and more hospitable than anywhere else. The effects have not yet been felt from its opening to the outside world, but there is much potential in this quiet and peaceful place.

Population: ~12,000


Ancient History

There is little in the records about life before the dome, but when the world outside was destroyed a great Assembly (see Government and Laws) was held, the only Assembly ever to have the entire population of Haven together. In Haven, everyone is equal, and so it was decided that only by working together would they be able to survive, and a society was formed which, through hard work and general goodwill, could support everyone and had everyone live well. Most people became farmers, producing food and other necessities of life, whilst others took to service sectors, taking roles which aided people's lives in other ways such as learning and health. With everyone fulfilling an important role, and everyone being equal in Haven's running, this lead to everyone being valued and so a general friendliness developed down the years.

The greatest event after this in Haven's history was the envisioning of the Stockpile, a great store of all the dome's food and materials, from which anyone would be free to buy what they needed. It took several years to build the warehouses and move everything into them, but upon completion all agreed it was worth it to improve their society.

Recent History

After the Stockpile was built, Haven continued to live on down the years with little change, and people were content with their simple lives. However, when the people of Wildekein arrived and opened the gate this came as a great shock the the people of Haven. All of a sudden they were no longer confined to their small dome, but found there was a great world outside ripe with opportunity and danger. For some, they no longer wanted the simple life they had in Haven, whilst others feared what this change could bring. Whilst Haven still looks much as it was before the gate opened, mindsets have changed and the people are different.

The People

The people of Haven are friendly and sociable, and they tend to know almost everyone. For most, they do a hard day's work, and then relax in the evenings with music and wine. Everyone is equal, and so people treat each other with respect and decency. Visitors can expect a warm welcome, though are considered very rude if they outstay this welcome.


Representatives are the people who attend the Assemblies in the Town Hall. While everyone has the right to self-representation, most people only go to Assemblies when there is an issue they are particularly invested in but a Representative is particularly interested in politics and will attend almost every Assembly. Many will be well known in the regions where they live, and will bring issues to assemblies from their local areas, though they do not have any more power than anyone else.


While most of the population will help out during the harvests, Farmers work full-time in the agricultural industry. This includes tending to the crops, harvesting and maintaining the irrigation systems.

Service Providers

Service Providers is a loose grouping of people who provide other services. These include craftspeople, merchants and doctors.


A small proportion of the population are either too lazy or unable to work and have no interest in politics. They are usually supported by family, friends or neighbours, though they can also seek assistance at Assemblies if they are struggling. Those too lazy to work are not well liked by the general population, but are usually left to their own devices.


Government and Laws

All citizens of Haven are considered equal and thus, each has an equal say in the running of the dome. Such matters are decided at the monthly Assemblies in the Town Hall where any citizen is permitted to attend and any may raise an issue for discussion and any person may speak on the matter at hand. In practice, Assemblies rarely, if ever, have anywhere near the whole population in attendance. Even so, Assemblies can drag on for a long time, some lasting for days at a time. The longest Assembly on record lasted for a total of twelve days. As such, it is more often the older members of the community who attend since the younger people are needed to work the fields and have little time to waste on lengthy discussion.

Each year, a new mayor is elected for the dome. Strictly speaking, the mayor has no more power than anyone else but they bear a number of responsibilities, including the difficult task of chairing and keeping order in the Assemblies. The mayor is also required to listen impartially to disputes and matters of law and pass fair judgement, though if either party is dissatisfied with the outcome, they may instead elect to bring the issue before the next Assembly. In recent times with the discovery of the other domes, the mayor now stands as a figurehead which aids the outsiders who struggle to comprehend that all Havenites are equal. The current incumbent is Doris Maravilla who has a tendency to sit on the fence a little, but is generally considered rather wise and impartial in her role.


Haven operates a simple coinage system, based around the central Stockpile of food and materials. At each harvest, all of the crops are taken and stored in the Stockpile, and the farmers and other Havenites who helped are paid for their efforts and the produce harvested. From the Stockpile, anyone can purchase food and materials using the coins, and so money stays in circulation. Coins are used for most other transactions between Haven residents, though trade and barter are also commonplace. Anyone can also go to an Assembly and ask for money or other aid, and the other residents will decide if their need is great enough.

Daily Life

Most people tend to work hard during the day and relax in the evenings. Twice a year, everyone who is able will help the farmers with the harvest, and then return to their normal jobs the rest of the time. With so much farmland, there is a far greater variety of food than in the other domes and the people eat well.


Family life is fairly typical, with parents tending to raise about 2 or 3 children. Most children are educated from the ages of 4 to about 14 in the schoolhouse, although some families, particularly farmers, prefer to keep the children at home. These children are educated by their families or just work to help their parents. Once they are about 14, the children usually decide what work they would like to go into. Many will remain working in the family's business, though others will look for apprenticeships in other areas.


Inhabitants of Haven tend to wear simple cloth garb, designed more for function than fashion. Farmland and dirt roads make sturdy boots advisable, and clothes are usually rather thick and durable. Shirts and trousers are favoured by most people, though some prefer other simple garments such as skirts, and people may wear clothes more useful for their work, such as lab coats and aprons.


Farming is done by hand, using hand tools and ploughs (ploughs being operated by people as horses have only fairly recently been discovered outside the domes). Medicine is reasonably advanced though not close to many of the other domes. Manufacturing is fairly limited, with most work being done by a few skilled craftsmen and women within the dome. Innovation and progress is mostly directed towards improved farming techniques and irrigation, though without much scientific knowledge efforts in this direction have been limited.

Interacting with the Outside

Currently there is a strong debate between the Isolationists who believe that the Havenites should remain in isolation as a self-sufficient society without interference from outsiders, and the Integrationists who propose forming diplomatic relationships with other domes and engaging in trade. As it stands, the Isolationists have a slight margin but the Integrationists are steadily gaining support.

Hospitality is very important to the people of Haven. It is an unwritten rule that should anyone seek somewhere to stay, they may ask it of anyone and they will host them under their roof for a maximum of one day and one night, unless the host offers that they may stay for longer, either for a specified length of time or indefinitely (the phrase “my house is your house” usually indicates this). However, while it is inconsiderate for someone to outstay their welcome, it is also considered the height of rudeness to ask someone to leave.


Agriculture is a vital part of Haven society. Compared to the other domes, the farming in Haven is less intensive and spread over a wider area. Because the dome contains a constant climate with little variation, the inhabitants are not tied to a single seasonal harvest. Instead, they have two overlapping cycles so that there are two harvests per year. The arable land is divided into three sections; one is planted during the first growing cycle, one is planted during the second growing cycle and one is left to fallow. In total, there is about 24km² of farmland, two thirds of which is planted with crops at any given time.

Due to the lack of rainfall, the agriculture is reliant on irrigation systems. The primary system is a surface network supplied by water which is pumped in from outside the dome and purified.

While Haven agriculture may be far less space-efficient than the greenhouses of the other domes, the inhabitants are quick to point out that they reap the benefits in terms of better tasting and more nutritious produce.


Haven is an oddity among the domes as it opted not to make use of greenhouses, rather planting large swathes of land with crops meaning that the majority of the dome is actually made up of fields with a town at the centre with a population of several thousand.


Haven is a largely pre-industrial society with agriculture being done by hand. Most buildings do have running water but few other than the Town Hall have access to working electric lighting.

Important Places

Haven Town

Haven is primarily formed of farmland around the central Town. This is where most of the population resides, and almost all representatives and services providers live here. Buildings are mostly simple stone and brick affairs, connected by dirt roads and paths.

Town Hall

The Town Hall is the central meeting place in Haven, where all Assemblies are held. A square brick construction in the middle of the town, it is by far the largest building in the dome, intended to be able to fit the entire population for Assemblies so that all may be heard and have their say in Haven's affairs.

The Stockpile

A set of huge wooden warehouses on the outskirts of Haven Town, this is where all crops are placed upon harvesting, and it also contains all the materials such as metals otherwise unobtainable in the dome, left when the dome was founded. Anyone is free to purchase materials from here, and it contains records of every harvest and every transaction made at the Stockpile.

Pump Station

The pump station is located near the edge of the dome, and serves as the central hub for all the irrigation mechanisms that keep Haven's farmland running. Installed when the dome was first built, it has been repaired and maintained down the years, but it is a constant effort to keep it running, a task largely carried out by Nicole Sumner who manages to keep the system scraping by.


Due to the dome's size, whilst most people live in Haven Town at the centre of the dome, many farmers live in small settlements further out so as to be closer to their farmland. Whilst some of these are little more than farmsteads, there are a few with more than a hundred people.


Aside from crop fields, Haven has other food producing areas. Most notable amongst these are the vineyards, which produce a great variety of fine wines. Prominent amongst the vintners is Lizzie Plowman, their de facto leader, who owns the largest vineyard in Haven.

Common Opinions


“Alright, I’ll grant you that they’re a little eccentric but they seem to be good, honest hard-working folk and that’s good enough to make up for any quirks in my book.”
– Edward Wainwright, Farmer

“I don’t like them. They’re a bunch of busy-workers who don’t achieve anything. We’re better off without them!”
– Jude Miller, Representative


“They oppress their own people! They train children to be soldiers! Make no mistake, they are a threat to us all!”
– Jude Miller, Representative

“For once, I have to agree with Jude. I’m not mad enough to attempt to trade with people like them.”
– Lizzie Plowman, Vintner


“That learning’s all well and good but I say they don’t know nothing about good old-fashioned hard work.”
– Edward Wainwright, Farmer

“Actually, I’m sure their learning could be very helpful. Their expertise could help us design improved irrigation systems, for example.”
– Nicole Sumner, Irrigation Maintenance


“Rude and uncivilised! How they’ve survived as a society is beyond me! If that’s what the rest of the world’s like then I say we’re best off staying well out of it!”
– Jude Miller, Representative

“Whatever your opinion about Wildekein, we do owe them gratitude for introducing us to the wider world. So there’s that, I guess…”
– Doris Maravilla, Mayor


“They’re far too busy trying to get things they don’t need. Whatever happened to friendly neighbourhood kindness? If you ask me, we’re better off with nothing to do with them!”
– Jude Miller, Representative

“You kidding? Muruvia’s a massive market just waiting for us and judging by their attitude, they could do with buying a lot of wine.”
– Lizzie Plowman, Vintner


“Them numbers lot just don’t get it. Equality ain’t about everybody being the same. It’s about y’know, being nice and stuff. Hey, you’re not gonna quote me on that sappy stuff, are you?”
– Edward Wainwright, Sappy Farmer

“Frankly, they give me the shudders. All that strictness and lies. We ought have nothing to do with them!”
–Jude Miller, Representative


“Huh, they seem happy enough so good for them. I still can’t make head nor tail them weird suits they wear though.’
– Edward Wainwright, Farmer

“I heard they use some factory-manufactured drug to make them happy. Some artificial chemicals can’t compare to an oak-aged wine of impeccable vintage, though… Trade with them could be highly profitable.”
– Lizzie Plowman, Vintner


“I'm not sure I like all these people coming right up to our door. We've managed perfectly well on our own as a society for centuries, and frankly we're better off without people interfering in our lives”
- Jude Miller, Representative

“It's a really impressive machine they've built there. I'm sure that the technology used in that could be modified to do wonders for our irrigation system, or maybe even other areas of farming”
- Nicole Sumner, Irrigation Maintenance

The Wilderness

“I've never seen one, but those horses sound like really strong creatures. People say they used to be domesticated, so I wonder whether we'd be able to use them for farming somehow.”
- Edward Wainwright, Farmer

“I've heard that there's all sorts of new plants and animals out in the wilderness. Of course, I wouldn't like to be the one going out there to get them, but there must be some amazing foodstuffs we've never seen before”
- Lizzie Plowman, Vintner


“As we've found out, it's a big world outside the dome. Maybe paradise is out there somewhere, a long way away.”
- Edward Wainwright, Farmer

“I think it's pretty good here as it is. Paradise is what our society is here in Haven. That's why we're better off without other domes intruding”
- Jude Miller, Representative

Rolling a Haven Character

Note: this section is for creating a character in Haven. For more general character creation read the character creation page.

Havenites are in general very friendly and hospitable people. Most are used to manual labour and there are not many great thinkers or philosophers. Technological industries are not very advanced in Haven, but there are skilled craftspeople. Due to the outdoors lifestyle that people have, they are likely to cope reasonably well outside the dome, though being in city domes would likely be very disconcerting as they are used to small villages.

Playable Ranks

You can choose to play any of the following ranks. The Skills listed are the favoured skill for each rank (meaning you can take up to 3 points in that skill, rather than the usual 2).

Rank Favoured Skills
Representative Persuasion & Strategy
Farmer Endurance & Navigation
Service Provider Craftsmanship & Medicine
Unemployed Combat & Stealth

Haven Specific Traits

For more information about the traits system, as well as other traits a Haven character can take, please visit the traits page.

Greenfingers (+1)

You are exceptionally talented at getting plants to grow strong, healthy and fast. Even if it's a seed found in a distant land, you have the know-how to nurture it into a beautiful plant.

Unwanted Guest (-1)

You extended your hospitality to someone but now they've outstayed their welcome and become a nuisance. It would be rude to ask them to leave but they just won't take a hint. Worse still, they tend to get in the way when you least want them to.

Just a Small Town Girl (-2)

You've lived your life in the quiet town and villages of Haven, where everyone knows each other. If you head into a large city dome it's going to be a bit of a shock, and you'll be rather overwhelmed. You're also more trusting than perhaps you should be, more likely to fall foul of a dodgy deal.


Remember, dressing up is entirely optional! These are simply suggestions for those who want to.

Farmers would usually wear simple shirts and trousers; clothes are functional rather than for fashion. Service providers also tend to wear clothing suitable for their professions, or simple clothes like the farmers. Representatives are likely to be less practically minded in their choice of clothing, but with a fairly small clothing industry they would still be fairly simply dressed, little more extravagant than a waistcoat or jacket.

Naming Conventions

Whilst many surnames have lasted from the dome's creation leaving many families who share a name, others have chosen to take new names over the years to differentiate themselves. Many of the old names are believed to be the original jobs taken by family members (i.e. old English occupational names like Smith, Carpenter, etc), though others seem totally unrelated.

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