The information presented on this page is intended to give you a flavour of this dome, to help you decide where you want your character to live and how they fit into the world. IC, most of it will be unknown to those who are not citizens. At game start, expect to receive a bit more detail on your chosen dome.

A dome notable for its decentralised services, with products and amenities provided by dedicated companies.

Along the Southern edge of the IDRW lies Muruvia, a busy high-rise city. From it's grandiose new station to the various headquarters in the downtown region, one is bombarded with branded products and billboards. To the casual observer it can seem like people are just wandering around aimlessly, but spend a few weeks in the city and you become familiar with the interconnected functionality behind it all.

Population: ~81,000


Ancient History

From “A Concise History of Muruvia”, DTAM Publishing

The Early Renaissance

Little is still known about the time before the Collapse, though it is told that it was a glorious time. Since the Collapse many people have sought to relive this former society, but none so far have managed.

The Collapse

This single event in our history reminds us all the dangers of abusing power. Around 500 years ago, some of the more powerful companies used their wealth to hire mercenaries to attack their own workers. Initially in order to Tax the population, and oppress those who spoke out against them, the streets soon turned to chaos, and people could do little but remain indoors to be safe.

Society was collapsing around them, while a few companies managed to remain strong in the face of the travesty. They realised they had to act, so hired their own forces to try and combat the corrupt fighters, and defend the innocent citizens of the dome.

It was a long war, and peace was almost destroyed when the corrupt companies used some unknown weapon to burn the world outside (the act, it is assumed, was intended to intimidate the people). However the corrupt companies were finally quashed, and the people of the dome could live in peace.

A New Beginning

Since then we have learnt from the mistakes of the past. The larger companies now co-fund the new Protection Agency, who act under a co-signed set of guides to maintain peace and prosperity that we still live by today.”

Recent History

From the opening chapter of “An Insightful Guide to the New World”, Stanfield News

“The discovery of other domes, and the creation of the railway is of course still fresh in the minds of many. Those who were around 30 years ago can all remember the moment that citizens of Wildekein first appeared outside the dome. While at first there was a mixture of alarm and surprise, this quickly turned to welcoming from our new friends.

Of course as soon as both parties realised that the outside was not as empty as we long thought, expeditions were quickly sent out to see if there were any more domes in the wilderness. Given it used to take several weeks to get between them, it took a few years to properly map out all of the domes we're familiar with today.

Once the initial excitement of these developments had settled down, some of the bright minds at Jowett Transport Co. decided that in order to properly co-operate as individual societies, faster communication was needed. Discussions were had with all the domes, and designers from Cross and Sophostos were brought together, and almost 10 years after the Wildelings first found us, work on the railway began. It still took around 20 more years to complete the epic project, but we now welcome this new and exciting opportunity.”

The People

While there is no official hierarchy; there is a generally accepted one, which is based on one's social standing and pay-grade. As the hierarchy is based on your job, it is entirely possible to move up (and down) in the ranking, and this is largely what people strive to do over the course of their life. (O.C. Note: Doing so over the course of the game will not affect your skill bonus, as this only applies at character generation)


There are a few who have abandoned all sense and now live in the streets. While their existence is a minor annoyance, there's not much anyone can do about them - you can't force people to work.

Manual Labourer

These people are responsible for getting raw materials, such as wood or food, to allow a steady supply of materials to the factory workers. Most people either work in SANcore mine, or Millards Farm.

Factory Workers

These people turn things into other things. They are known as factory workers because most of them are employed in the factories around the outskirts of the dome, but there are a few who need to work in the center. These are mostly builders, as it would be impractical to construct buildings and then move them into position, for the obvious reason.

Office Workers

These people make up a large bulk of the workforce. It is not entirely clear what they add to the company, but it is universally agreed society at large would collapse without them. They do almost all menial tasks which don't require manual labor, but often end up dealing with lots of paper.

Line Managers

While they still get involved in projects like the Office Workers, they are in charge of distributing work within their team. They are usually in charge of 5-10 people. They may also be in charge of overseeing groups of Factory workers, which tend to be larger groups (10 - 20 people), and they tend not to get too hands on with the various tasks.


These people do very little work themselves, and are mostly in charge of delegating projects and such to the line managers. A large company will typically have 10 - 20 Managers, but a smaller companies may only have 1 (although their roles tend to be a bit more like Line Managers).

Protection Officers (aka Protectors)

While the protection officers don't necessarily get paid the most, their general enforcement of the rules puts them at the top of the hierarchy, as they theoretically have the most power.


The dome has no central organisation, or any united set of “leaders” to speak of. In spite of this, it remains quite a safe and free society, due to a number of quirks that have developed over the years.

Government and Laws

The most notable instance of this is the “laws” of the dome. As there is no central government, there are no strict rules, however the Protection Agency (funded by a number of organisations) enforce a universally accepted set of rules, to promote equality and safety to all citizens. These rules allow for a stable society, and while there is the occasional “criminal” activity, the rules are generally followed. They are the usual sort of things you'd expect; rules against violence and murder, property laws, and other similar things, which have allowed a functional society to form.


In order to facilitate the buying and selling of products and produce, a system of trading established itself from the tradition of doing other people favours. This method was developed into a more rigorous system, whereby people would give shares in their company - a promise in their future profits in exchange for something. This development pre-dates the Collapse, from when companies where a lot smaller.

Thus, the current monetary system is Shares. This is of course extremely relative, as company values vary wildly over time, which has led to a few of the larger and more stable companies becoming the cornerstone of the economy, from which other shares are rated.

Daily Life

Other aspects of the dome are also fairly “normal”. Families (usually between 4 and 6 people) make up most of the population. People are mostly employed by large companies, although there are a few who own small private businesses. As such, they work a normal week and have weekends off, to ensure the workforce remains productive.


There is no formal education in Muruvia. Instead, when a child is deemed old enough (usually between 10 and 14) they start shadowing someone - usually a family member or close friend, before becoming a full time worker between the age of 16 and 18.


Most people wear suits of some form; the quality of which varies with the hierarchy. Factory workers sometimes substitute this for looser clothes and overalls, while Field Workers and Manual Labourers almost all choose Overalls and Boiler Suits over more formal attire.

The Protection Officers wear matching white suits (similar in design to the picture on the right). This allows them to stand out in the crowd, so they are easy to spot when people needs assistance.


While Muruvia is probably one of the more technologically advanced domes, a lot of work has been put into the replication and distribution of such things, rather than the creation of new ideas. The most obvious example of this being the railway, the actual design of which was outsourced to Cross and Sophostos.

Interacting with the Outside

Since being released from the dome, Muruvia has been on the fore-front of the exploration outside. They funded expedition parties in conjunction with Wildekein, which ultimately led to the discovery of the other domes. Other projects, such as the IDRW show Muruvia's enthusiasm for interacting with the rest of the domes, and many companies are looking to work with citizens from elsewhere to improve their products.


The dome is laid out in a similar fashion to most large cities; the center is densely packed with large buildings, getting smaller nearer the edge of the dome. The central buildings are mostly owned by large businesses, with a few being compact housing buildings (essentially blocks of flats), while most of the surrounding area is for family housing. Further out are various factories, and other large projects, such as Millards Farm and SANcore Mine.


The large buildings in Muruvia are impressive, but the architecture is by-and-large functional. The notable exception to the trend is the new station, built just outside the dome, where no expense was spared in creating an extremely elegant building. Like the railway itself, the station was designed by architects from Cross and Sophostos, using some new and innovative structural techniques.

Important Places


The center of the city, and home to the headquarters of most businesses within the dome.

Train station

A relatively new construction, this extravagant building was designed to accompany the new railway. It is situated just outside the dome, but is connected by closed tunnels to protect anyone going between the train and the dome. It also houses access to the outside world, for those daring enough to venture there.

A large sign near the exit reads: “Citizens are remind that the jurisdiction of the Protection Officers does not extend outside these premises. Proceed at your own caution.”

SANcore Mine

The mine where most of the resources for the dome are collected. Most manual laborers either work here or at Millards Farm.

Millards Farm

The farm where most food for the dome comes from. Most manual laborers either work here or at SANcore Mine.

Important Businesses

These are the major companies in the city


A household name, they are the main food production company in the dome, doing everything from farming to food preparation.


A company mainly focused on generating resources, such as through mining and forestry. They also produce furniture and do building work.

Baxford & Sons

Produces and administers pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies.

JC Power

In charge of powering the city. This is mostly in the form of streetlights, with some simple electrical products.

DTAM Printing

If you want something printed, these guys are for you. Whether it's a book, a letter, or a 20 foot advertisement, they make them. A large division of the company is a reporting company, which mostly print their own newspapers. This is where Renee Byrne, the well-known reporter and journalist fits into the company.

They have recently released “A Practical Guide to Persons of other Domes”, a book detailing the customs and livelihoods of people outside Muruvia.

The person whom many consider to be the public face of DTAM printing is the journalist Renee Byrne. She has been in charge of covering the news surrounding the opening of the IDRW, and will be covering the events of the meetings that take place on board.

Stanfield News

A new rival to DTAM Printing, formed by Marcus Stanfield. What started out as just a news company, have branched out into other forms of publishing. They have recently brought out a new book entitled “An Insightful Guide to the New World”, which has collected tales of the other domes and the wilderness between them, allowing the average citizen to gain some insight into life outside the dome.

Judd Co.

A weapons manufacturing company. They produce most types of weaponry, but as with anywhere, finding explosives is hard, so most of their output is hand-to-hand weaponry.

Jowett Transport Co.

A name familiar to those both in Muruvia, and from further afield. They produce vehicles of all kinds, as well as public transport. The most notable example of this is of course the new Inter-Dome Railway, the largest project of the company to date.

The public figurehead of the company is Daniel Wolfe, who was also the main representative the current head of the IDRW project. He took over this position from his predecessor Antonio Mink, who was a key figure in getting the other domes on board with the project. Antonio first suggested the idea of the meetings on board the train, but it was Daniel who realised this idea.

The Protection Agency

The closest thing the dome has to a police force. While technically a “guns for hire” type organisation, many of the large companies pay for dome-wide protection for citizens, to improve the lives of the workforce.

Common Opinions


“The help they provided with the design of the railway clearly shows the potential they have. However the distinct lack of order has prevented them from reaching their true potential.”
- A Practical Guide to Persons of other Domes

“Another interesting curiosity. While the prevailing attitude seems to be creating things for the sake of creation, the effect to the casual observer is remarkable. While it's a bit of a trek, it's certainly worth the trip if you find yourself nearby.
4 Stars
- An Insightful Guide to the New World


“A remarkable group of people. The slight peculiarity of the people is worth the resulting peace and protection.”
- A Practical Guide to Persons of other Domes

“The people are uninspiring, and seem somewhat aggressive. Perhaps worth investigating if you're passing, it's certainly not worth making the trip specifically to visit.
2 Stars
- An Insightful Guide to the New World


“A great help with the design of the railway, their organisation and order is an inspiration to all. However it seems their obsession with exams is holding them back.”
- A Practical Guide to Persons of other Domes

“Their Grand library is one of the many impressive features of the dome. The buildings are definitely the draw to Sophostos, rather than the residents.
3 Stars
- An Insightful Guide to the New World


“A rather bland society. One feels as if they got to where they are a long time ago, but have since stagnated. They seem happy folk but it's not obvious why.”
- A Practical Guide to Persons of other Domes

“A quaint dome, with a clear appreciation of the simpler things in life. While there are some who aren't keen on outsiders, it is highly recommended one makes the trip there.
5 Stars
- An Insightful Guide to the New World


“Their society certainly has a lot in common with Muruvia. However their rather fractured society means they spend far too much time with internal affairs, meaning that progress has faltered.”
- A Practical Guide to Persons of other Domes

“A fascinating group of people, having made the most of the space newly available to them. Being one of our closest neighbors it is certainly worth taking the time to visit.
4 Stars
- An Insightful Guide to the New World


“The single mindedness is inspiring, if somewhat intimidating. However they lack a common goal which leaves the whole exercise seeming somewhat pointless.”
- A Practical Guide to Persons of other Domes

“In their rush for conformity, they've left a lot of things by the wayside. The lack of names is astounding. Best avoided.
1 Star
- An Insightful Guide to the New World


“They seem to be a free society, but ultimately this has led to them having a lack of direction in their lives. They have the potential for great ideas, but the opportunity shows no signs of materializing.”
- A Practical Guide to Persons of other Domes

“A curious group of people, their liberal attitude to life makes for a pleasant atmosphere. Worth a visit if you're passing.
3 Stars
- An Insightful Guide to the New World


“One of our finest achievements as a society, it show how much we have to gain through the expertise of other domes. We are extremely grateful for the co-operation of everyone involved.”
- Daniel Wolfe, Muruvia, at the opening of the IDRW

“It is such an exciting opportunity - one our ancestors could have never conceived. Such an easy way to travel was worth the 20 years of construction, and no doubt it shall outlast us, and will undoubtedly be a monument for generations to come.”
- Marcus Stanfield, Muruvia

The Wilderness

“The wilderness is undoubtedly a dangerous place, which I for one do not wish to venture into. We should be incredibly greatful to Jowett Transport Co. for the railway, which allows us to travel through the turbulent landscape in such luxury.”
- Renee Byrne, Journalist, Muruvia

“The wilderness is indeed harsh, it is what made the IDRW so necessary. However I believe there is a lot out there to learn, after all, if we didn't explore we would have never found each other.”
- Daniel Wolfe, Jowett Transport Co.


“Who can say what Paradise really is - everyone seems to have there own thoughts. However if it's somewhere out there in the wilderness, you can be sure Jowett Transport Co. will extend the railway there!”
- Daniel Wolfe, at a Q & A session on the IDRW

“I remember what my father said about Paradise; when you can have your own little house, on your own little bit of land, to share with your family and friends. That is truly Paradise.”
- Marcus Stanfield, Muruvia

Rolling a Muruvian Character

Note: this section is for creating a character in Muruvia. For more general character creation read the character creation page.

Characters from Muruvia are mostly people working for larger companies. There are plenty of exceptions to these occupations, but they still make up a small minority of the overall population. Unlike Cross and Sophostos, the focus is on reproducing and reusing old ideas, rather than coming up with new ones. While it's not impossible to have developed a new idea, you'll have had to make it with your own money on your own time, but if you can market it you could potentially make some of that back.

Muruvia is well suited to civilised characters with who wish to live a fairly risk free life, whether they have an office job, or are involved in creating things (mostly in factories). A notable portion of the workforce was used for building the railway, so some people will have had a limited experience outside the dome. However now the wilderness is starting to be explored, there is scope for explorers and adventurers in this mix, as some companies are beginning provide funding for expeditions. Muruvia has the Protection Officers, but these are privately hired from a company, so military characters will be hard to make viable.

For almost all classes, you will want to specify which company you work for (usually one of the main ones listed above) and more specifically your job (this will be tied to your class and the company in question). With a few exceptions, most jobs are viable, but if you're unsure about which company or rank it would fit under, feel free to contact the GM team.

Playable Ranks

You can choose to play any of the following ranks. The Skills listed are the favoured skill for each rank (meaning you can take up to 3 points in that skill, rather than the usual 2).

Rank Favoured Skills
Line Managers Persuasion and Strategy
Office Workers Academics and Strategy
Factor WorkersMedicine and Craftsmanship
Manual LabourersNavigation and Endurance

Muruvian Specific Traits

For more information about the traits system, as well as other traits a Muruvian character can take, please visit the traits page.

Protection+ (+3)

You have an upgraded plan from the Protection Agency. While protection officers won't be present, this will cover things like medical assistance (upon your return to the dome), or replacement of stolen/broken possessions (with a similar item).

Small Business Owner (+1)

Maybe you inherited it from your parents, or just had a brilliant idea and needed to market it. The result is you are now manager of a small company, maybe with a couple of other workers to help you. Life is hard, but rewarding, and it earns you a bit more than working for someone else. If you leave it unattended it is likely to collapse, but if you work at it the world could be your oyster.

Middle Management (-1)

You find whenever you want to do anything you have to fill out mountains of paperwork. Note: this will simply mean you occasionally can do less in a major action than you otherwise might, particularly if it is related to one of the companies.


Remember, dressing up is entirely optional! These are simply suggestions for those who want to.

Suits are the most widely worn clothing. For those citizens with more active jobs, such as working in a factory or farming, suits are usually substituted for overalls.

Naming Conventions

There are no notable naming conventions in Muruvia.

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