“No-one can agree on what Paradise is, and yet all are certain that it must exist somewhere, be that out in the furthest Wilderness or buried deep within our hearts.”
- Rien LaRue, Ravissem

Speaking to the older generations among the domes, it seems that the ephemeral idea of some manner of Paradise has always been around in one form or another, but everyone you speak to has a different understanding of what this might be. Now that the IDRW has been completed, however, making communication between the different societies much easier than ever before, the subject of Paradise is hot on everyone's lips, in a way it has never been before. It is anticipated that this will be a key topic of conversation at the upcoming first Convention, with various people presenting to others their personal take on what Paradise might be. While nothing even approaching concrete is known about the subject, theories abound…

One of the most prevalent conjectures is that Paradise is a place, although quite what this place is varies depending on who you ask. A couple of the more popular versions include places that would be physically possible to reach, such as a distant island or a secluded space in the mountains. Others seem like they would be harder to find, like a land floating in the clouds, or a cavern deep beneath the ground. There is even a suggestion that Paradise is instead to be found beyond the world's end, awaiting those brave enough to sail to the boundaries of existence.

At alternative approach is that Paradise does not exist yet, but can or will be created in due course. The exact method of this 'creation' has also spawned numerous theories, ranging from the intervention of some higher power, to the exploits of individual people or societies wielding some secret and ancient knowledge.

Further theories suggest that it is not possible for an individual to reach Paradise, as it does not reside on this world. One common variant of this is the idea that there are many parallel 'planes' of existence, one of which we reside on, while Paradise resides on another. There are a few suggestions on how one might navigate these 'planes', such as some form of inter-dimensional being who carries the worthy to Paradise, but there have been no successful attempts with any such method so far.

One final idea of note is a lot less literal. In this school of thought, Paradise is a mental state where one can find true peace and satisfaction. How to reach this state is also up for speculation, including the possibilities of using mind-altering substances or simply isolating oneself from all outside stimuli, but there seems to be a common theme that you must empty your mind first 1).

1) Although a small group of Muruvians and Sophostans say it is the exact opposite; you need to fill your mind with knowledge and feelings, at which point Paradise will be revealed. At last count there were 7 people who thought this.
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