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Eternity Playgroundery

 The GMs

For those confused by 9's Eternity, you may find helpful


Eternities that Never Were

An Eternity for Patrick Moon

Patrick never found his mummy. This was a sad thing, but he eventually grew up and became an excellent train pilot and one day may or may not have gone on to join the “crew” of the Iron Stomping Lizard.

An Eternity for NanBot

Following the horrible death of Julia Moon, the automaton known as “NanBot” was reappropriated by Cross Authorities and set to more appropriate work for an Autonomous Construction Unit.

Courtesy of Captain Lemma

I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me, Architect, now when did you
Last let you heart decide?

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
Over, sideways and under
On an Iron Yoxen Ride!

A whole new world!
A new fantastic point of view
No-one needs blowing up
Or to tell us stop
Or say we're only dreaming


It's your verse…


In the Game of Domes, you win or you get hit by a train...


I have a lot of these



I heard there were magical wizards who levitated trains...

"You are without a doubt the worst courier I have ever heard of." "Ah, but you have heard of me!"

STATEMENT: And some more...


Damn it, Corin.

Lemma's Political Strategy

Conatio Lex

Game of domes:

A Number of Things that Prof. Kynaston is no longer allowed to do

  1. Prof. Kynaston is No longer allowed on tables at the conventions
  2. Prof. Kynaston is No longer allowed to give Kallipolins names instead of numbers
  3. Prof. Kynaston is No longer allowed to propose airships as the solution to every problem
  4. Prof. Kynaston is No longer allowed to add tea-making to other people's blueprints.
  5. Prof. Kynaston is and apparently always has been COMPLETELY UNABLE to watch any of Tallulah's magic tricks!
  6. Prof. Kynaston is Not allowed to take over any more domes

Things Captain Lemma has been called

Tomato - (the actual hell? TL)
A train thief
An airship thief
An automaton thief
The Iron Yoxen's lover
Cadmiral Lemma
Ladmiral Lemma
Dadmiral Lemma
Badmiral Lemma
Sadmiral Lemma
I've Hadmiral enough of these - they're overdoing it a Tadmiral! - Lemma
A terrorist
Administrator of Ravissem
A Dome Thief
The Admiral of Affections
Professor Lemma
Intern Lemma
Chief Scientist Lemma
Bringer of the End Times (only too true… - Xenophon)
Fun Dad
Stupid Dad
Nathan Filemman
Me Mal
Train Pirate

The Iron Yoxen Family Tree

Children: Punt and Mite
Fun (or Stupid) Dead Dad: Captain Lemma
Sensible Mum: Alixa
Strict Dead Mum: Thalia
Grumpy Mum: Slight
Crazy Grandad: Professor K
Sensible Uncle: John Hatcher
Dead Cousin: Irina TOO SOON
Funny Other Dead Cousin: Metal Dave

Things Captain Lemma Has Caused Others To Be Called

Captain Captain

What I imagine Flynn Turner's Yoxen does during conventions

Films Courtesy of the P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E. division

Paradiso Olympics! (sponsored by the U.P.F.)


  1. 91843
  2. Corin Walters
  3. P02
  4. AZ
  5. A3142
  6. Romana Bordelion
  7. Mal Benatar

GREATEST DECEASED HERO AND VISIONARY Event Cancelled - we're all terrible people.


  1. Gold Medal: Professor Kynaston
  2. Silver Medal: Corin Walters (although perhaps mad is a better word?)
  3. Bronze Medal: Javier Rosa


  1. Gold Medal: Martin Richards (Commendations for actually changing something)
  2. Silver Medal: AZ (AZ objects- he has clearly changed [rest of this statement redacted])
  3. Bronze Medal: Corin Walters (although perhaps attempted-tyrant is a better term?)

GREATEST TRAIN THIEF (by reputation)!

  1. Gold Medal: Captain Lemma
  2. Silver Medal: Captain Captain
  3. Bronze Medal: Captain Lemur


  1. Gold Medal: Vyseria (no, you didn't realise another train was missing, did you? QED. She's just that good.)
  2. Silver Medal: Captain Captain
  3. Bronze Medal: Captain Phlegm
  4. Honourable mention: AZ


  1. Gold Medal: Biter
  2. Silver Medal: The Iron Yoxen
  3. Bronze Medal: Septimus Blake


  1. Gold Medal: Xenophon Shawe (4 times in a single turnsheet, I've got to be up there) R.I.P.
  2. Silver Medal: Adrian Solano (his own son, for shame!)
  3. Bronze Medal: Corin Walters (couriered directly into the hands of his enemies)
  4. Honourable Mention: Tallulah Moncrieff (cruelly manipulated to her paint-splattered, RosaSoaker-aided doom!)


  1. Gold Medal: Xenophon Shawe R.I.P.
  2. Silver Medal: Professor Kynaston (B.R.E.W.S; Bulk Requesting of Energised Water System - a steam engine that distributes tea)
  3. Bronze Medal: Candy (C.A.K.E; Cross is Awesome, Kick Everything - the name of her dojo)

ADDENDUM: Xenophons Acronyms - real and rumoured:

  • P.A.R.D.I.S.E. - Pragmatic Alliance Realising and Developing Industrial and Scientific Endeavours.
  • L.U.T.H.O.R. - Legal Unit Targeting Higher Order Representatives
  • E.D.T.P. - Extra-Domal Trade Partnership
  • U.P.F. - United Peace Front
  • G.E.L. - Grand Expeditionary League
  • O.H.C.R.A.P - Organisational Headquarters for Controlling and Retrieving the Automaton Pacogaia

ADDENDUM: Other Acronyms

  • S.T.A.H.P - Stop The Architects Hurting People


  1. Gold Medal: Papagaia Pacagaia Papogaia Packinggaia Pacogaia
  2. Silver Medal: Wildkein Wildekien Vildekein Wildekein
  3. Bronze Medal: Captain Lemur Lemming Lemma
  4. Tin Medal: Muravia Maravia Muruvia - Seriously guys?!
  5. Honorable mention: pretty much every player with a first name and a surname: we've misspelled them all on the turnsheet bureau (which is really inconvenient with the turnsheet-o-matic) - The GM Team
  6. Honorable mention 2: Kallipolis players who cannot remember their own IDs


  1. Gold Medal: Professor Kynaston
  2. Silver Medal: Every other Dome
  3. Bronze Medal: Wildekein


  1. Gold Medal: Scaleface
  2. Silver Medal: Biter
  3. Bronze Medal: Thingy
  4. Honourable Mention: The Kraken
  5. Very Honourable Mention: Fluffy the Owl


  1. Infinitium Explodium Medal: The Iron Yoxen Mk X
  2. Perfectonium Medal: Perfection
  3. Architectite Medal: The Iron Yoxen Mk IX
  4. Farrowtastic Medal: The Kynaston
  5. Stealthium Medal: The Stealth Airsheep Disqualified: Judges can't see it.
  6. Paradisium Medal: The Iron Yoxen Mk VIII
  7. Lemmatonium Medal: The Iron Stomping Lizard Mk I
  8. Kynastonian Medal: The SHEEP
  9. Diamond Medal: The Nautilus
  10. The Even-More-Unobtainium Medal: The Iron Yoxen Mk VII
  11. Unobtainium Medal: Maximilien's Spirit. Disqualified for being lamely shot down by a flare (I blame the driver)
  12. Adamantium Medal: The Marks Aero-Lateral Traveller
  13. Platinum Medal: The Marksmoboat Mk4 (AKA The Marks Oceanic Transport)
  14. Gold Medal: The Iron Yoxen Mk VI
  15. Silver Medal: The Iron Yoxen Mk V
  16. Bronze Medal: The Iron Yoxen Mk IV
  17. Tin Medal: The Marksmoboat Mk 3 (AKA The Marks Littoral Transport)
  18. Honourable Mention:
  19. The Marksmoboat Mk2 (AKA The Marks Fluvial Transport)
  20. The Iron Yoxen Mk III
  21. The Iron Yoxen Mk II
  22. The Iron Yoxen Mk I
  23. Iron Roc
  24. The Iron Yoxen
  25. The Marksmobile
  26. That… is a lot of iron animals.
  27. Highly Dishonourable Mention (a.k.a. Corinium Medal): Booby-trapped Sub.


  1. Gold Medal: Scratch and Vyseria
  2. Silver Medal: Lemma and the Iron Yoxen
  3. Bronze Medal: Nikolaj/Corin Walters
  4. Honourable Mention: Nikolaj x Candy
  5. Honourable Mention: Nikolaj x Tallulah
  6. Honourable Mention: Nikolaj x Everyone


  1. Gold Medal: Candy and Tallulah's epic row, during session 10. (“That's not YOU, Candy. You wouldn't DO something like that!” “WELL MAYBE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT HER BEST FRIEND!”) (“You kept trying to pretend that everything could just go back to normal!” “I WASN'T TRYING TO PRETEND - I WAS TRYING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!”)
  2. Silver Medal: Captain Lemma during session 3: “For the last time, I didn't steal any train!”
  3. Bronze Medal: Northup: “Return to your domes! No-one is safe! GO BAAAAACK!”
  4. Honourable Mention: Martin Richards at some point, “DAMN IT CORIN, PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE!” (may have been misheard)
  5. Honourable Mention: Tallulah and Ember during session 13, loudly debating the finer points of criminal justice.
  6. Honourable Mention: Tallulah during session 13 in general, mostly.


  1. Candy/Nikolaj/Tallulah
  2. Martin/Diana/Corin
  3. Captain Lemma/Scratch/Quintillian


  1. Xenophon Shawe (R.I.P.)
  2. Corin Walters (Go away)
  3. Captain Starkei (RIP)


  1. Corin Walters
  2. Niroc Sretlaw
  3. Corin Walters of Sophostos


  1. Nikolaj's Glasses
  2. Tallulah's Glasses?
  3. Lemma's Hat


The Kraken - Lord Alfred Tennyson, 1809 - 1892

Below the thunders of the upper deep,

Far, far beneath in the abysmal sea,

His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep

The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee

About his shadowy sides; above him swell

Huge sponges of millennial growth and height;

And far away into the sickly light,

From many a wondrous grot and secret cell

Unnumbered and enormous polypi

Winnow with giant arms the slumbering green.

There hath he lain for ages, and will lie

Battening upon huge sea worms in his sleep,

Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;

Then once by man and angels to be seen,

In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.


The Tethyrian Grand Fleet,

The Convention Sized Airship,

This is innacurate. Both Perfection (Malachai's airship), and I beleive the convention airship have flappy wings for manouverability.

The CBC and the Airships of Cross and Sophostos,

The Sailors of Tethyris,

The Soldiers of Citadell,

The Foundation,

The Wardens of Sophostos,

An Army of Automata,

Various (mad) Scientists,

and Xenophon Shawe himself,

On the other, THE KRAKEN:

This is the cutest Kraken of all time and I'm suddenly feeling very guilty.

Oh that's what it takes for you guys to sympathise with the innocent Kraken. - The GMs


That stunning piece of deception with Pacogaia in full...

Xenophon: Hello Pacogaia, please come outside and away from all my scientist friends.
(Pacogaia heads outside, Xenophon and Martin follow)
Pacogaia: I am unable to connect to the central control, what has happened to the other facilities. We must return to central and resume the Project immediately.
X: A saboteur, that's what it was. A saboteur who destroyed the central command facility!
M: Yes; a saboteur! By the way, I've totally forgotten what the Projects purpose actually is…
X: Yes, forgotten it entirely, what is it now?
Xenophon and Martin stand around, scratching their heads and gazing quizzically at the floor.
P (bemused): This is impossible!
X: It was something to do with a Kraken, guarding the Project…
P (blank look)
X: Genetic Engineering…
P: How do you not know our organisations purpose !?!
M: Well, we wouldn't know - because we're actually all interns!
X: Yes, the saboteur destroyed all the life support systems! All the professors were killed leaving only interns; all the professors save Corin Walters, who is a bit mad and who you shouldn't trust.
Corin Arrives, an awkward silence develops.
X: So, take a look at this wonderful airship, its quite quaint isn't it.
Martin puts his head in his hands as Pacogaia looks around at the decidedly antiquated craft.
P: This is bizarre. Tell me, how long has elapsed since the project was discontinued?
X: Fifteen years.
P: I wish to see other scientists, I am heading inside.
(Pacogaia, Malachai, Martin and Xenophon head inside, to where a “council of war” is proceeding over the map table)
P: This makes no sense.
Everyone: We're all Scientists!
X: We're all interns!
Captain Lemma: But I'm a professor.
X: In the fifteen years since the project ended, we've been doing the best we can to restart it…
Everyone,Chorus of: “The Fifteen Years!”
Pacogaia looks at the map
Everyone: The evil people who hate science are attacking Haven! We love science! Help us fight the science haters!
X: I think they might be the same people who sabotaged the project!
P: This is impossible, there are no people outside the domes. The domes are sealed, the project requires it.
M: Its actually been hundreds of years…
X: fifteen years!!!
M: …since the project was discontinued. The domes have been opened, and people come and go as they please.
P: We must restart the project! We must reseal the domes! I must reach central, only one Dome can survive!
Everyone (aghast looks, glances)
P: How are you all interns? This does not make sense! Why are the domes open?
Captain Lemma: We're actually not scientists.
Xenophon: He's a recently hired intern, ignore him.
P: Recently hired, from where?
X: We chose the most intelligent people who had escaped the domes…and we recruited them?
P: You interfered with the target population! You are not scientists! I must reach central!
Malachai: Damnit Xenophon, you should have said 100 years!
X: O.H.C.R.A.P.

Meanwhile, Lemma embraces the Wildekeinian spirit Lemma: It's okay, we're in charge of the project
P: No, I am in charge of the project
Lemma: No you're not, we're in charge of you.
P: No you're not, I'm in charge.
Lemma: No you're not. Nobody is in charge of us.
P: I'm-

JW: TIME FREEZE!!!! Pacogaia leaves, to destroy the world and kill most characters.



This game has taught me that almost any stat can accidentally not be hard skilled. And I thought it was just persuasion…

Note: I swear if they had more time to plan they'd make a convincing cover story. At least with the Architects they don't need to make dumb pretences…

Maybe if you left the story-telling to Captain Lemma…

Paradiso Illuminati Confirmed?


They are awake. They're also floating in the sky. And HUGE.

Favourite Quotes of the Game

Flynn Turner: Let's just stick to murderising folk the traditional way, like berries and stampeding yoxen.

Xenophon John Hamilton: We need the technology in CASTER, Tethyris is very resource poor…
David Ford: …You'll be even more resource poor after you've been wiped out by Sky Cannons!!!

Candy: What should I call my lapump?
Tallulah: Ooh - Algernon?
Candy: How about Mr. Lapump?
Tallulah: How about Mr. AWESOME Lapump?
Candy: How about Mr. Lapump?
Tallulah: Or, uh…
Candy: Mr. Lapump.

Nikolaj: My father would say that love is the relationship between a puppeteer and his marionettes.
Tallulah: I’d say that love is the relationship between a man and his ridiculous eyewear!

Candy: I'm not saying you don't think before you act… but you REALLY don't think before you act!

Tallulah: How did you get so wise?
Javier: … I grew up.

Martin Richards: *Desperately shaking Corin's shoulders.* Damnit Corin this isn't heroic, this is madness!
Corin Walters: The madness hasn't even begun! (fix'd by corin)

*Five minutes of Punt, Mite and Captain Lemma playing hide and seek with automata*

Sam Noman: I thought you were all about being free.
Punt 'n' Mite: Yeah, and we've got a nice Dome to be free under!

Kay: I'm not a good person. I'm a normal person.

*8 year old puts Mite's hat on Nanbot*
8-year old: Nanny looks like that man on the funny statue mummy wouldn't let me look at for too long

Memes courtesy of the Grand Expeditionary League

Found in the computer science department

Well it's clearly not the English department! They'd be able to spell sponsor… JW: “Farrowmatics is the worst”

The Shipping Forecast

Sweet 'n' Sour: Nikolaj/Candy [UPDATE: HAS ASCENDED TO IRL LEVEL]
Love Letters From Hell: Nikolaj/Tallulah
In Your Dreams, Nikolaj: Candy/Tallulah
RoseTintedShipping: Nikolaj/his glasses
RosaTintedShipping: Javier/Nikolaj's glasses
TongueTiedShipping: Tallulah/Nikolaj's Scarf
(From the pub) Latch: Captain Lemma/Scratch
Squint: Scratch/Quintillian
Tea, Sodomy and the Cane: Septimus/Prof. Kynaston
Burn ALL The Things!: Septimus Blake/Corin Walters
Completing the Meta-Square: Septimus/Candy
Scarves in the Wind: Nikolaj/Septimus
Prank-ly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn: Tallulah/Septimus
Tiebreaker: Tallulah/Nikolaj/Septimus
Raising Kainn: Kay/Flynn (apparently. Don't look at me. It's Hanae all the way.)
TypoShipping: Javier/Nikolaj [No longer confirmed in the Cross News :(] It was a typo, honest! ;) -JW Renamed accordingly -CN
Lionheart: Dane/Candy
[Information Redacted]: Tallulah\AZ (? AZ)
Benjamin Evans: Xenophon/John Hamilton
Kin Quay: Kay/Quin (But that's pronounced “key” and thus doesn't work!)
Shipping (Ember, you've got to be more CREATIVE with this kind of thing! God! Don't they teach you ANYTHING in Wildekein? Now let me tell you my life story…): Ember/Tallulah

A compilation of Tallulah's Names for Nikolaj's Dad

Adrian 'Scum-of-the-Earth' 'Jerkface Prig' 'Freakin'' 'Goddamn' 'Totally *Destroyed* By Our Combined Forces of Awesome' 'Sore Loser' 'Just Give UP Already, You Feckless JERK' Solano

Also found in Tallulah's correspondence:
Adrian “grim-faced duplicitous scumbag” Solano
Adrian “Two-Faced Jerkface” Solano
Adrian “Corrupt as they Come” Solano
Adrian “Just Give IN Already, you Stupid, Tenacious Nutjob” Solano
Adrian “Hypocrite Extraordinaire” Solano

He seemed a rather nice man to me!

At least he'll be remembered by the literature students of the future!

As of turn 7:
Adrian “Rightfully Reduced to a Dorky Stage Villain” Solano

What villainous things were he actually doing?

Criminal underappreciation of Tallulah's magic tricks!

As of session 8:
Adrian “Pause To Let The Audience Throw Rotten Tomatoes” Solano
Adrian “Even Rats Won't Accept Him As One of Their Own” Solano

In the middle of a letter to the Law Bureau:
Adrian [here, you see what might be an unflattering epithet in inverted commas, hastily crossed out] Solano

As of turnsheet 9:
Adrian “Convenient Scapegoat” Solano
Adrian “Inspiring Work of Abstract Art” Solano

As of turnsheet 10:
Adrian “Evil Sorcerer” Solano
Adrian “Something of a Weird Moral Turning Point” Solano
Adrian “Take a Moment to Reflect Lest We Forget How Awful That Guy Was” Solano
Adrian “Most Versatile Piece of Furniture” Solano
Adrian “Everyone's Favourite Hat Stand” Solano

As of session 11 (following a triumphant comeback from the man in question!):
Adrian “Entirely Off-The-Grid” Solano
Adrian “Pulling Out All The Stops on the Clichéd Villain Shtick” Solano

As of session 12 (following his glorious defeat!):
Adrian “Heartless, Soulless Husk” Solano

And, one more, as of turnsheet 13 (for old times' sake):
Adrian “Evil Manipulative Jerkface, Disturbingly Also My Father-in-Law” Solano

A Non-Exhaustive Summary of the Administration in Redmark Hall, According to Tallulah Moncrieff

Bureau of Xara’s Bizarrely Successful Cover-Up
Bureau of Irrelevant Inter-Dome Exchange
Bureau of I Once Went to Talk to Those Guys During the Whole UPF Situation and They Were Pretty Cool I Guess
Bureau of Letting Me Sneak Into Places I Technically Shouldn’t Be Basically All the Time (Hi There Cordelia)
Bureau of People Who Like To Be Mild Killjoys About Subterra-Related Stuff
Finally, according to the Workers: the Bureau That Consists Solely of Nikolaj Solano

A Revised, Completely Exhaustive Summary of the Administration, Loosely Centred Around the Charred Remains of Redmark Hall:

The Bureau of Well Crap I Guess We Screwed That One Up

(Alternate names include:
The Bureau of Okay So Admittedly We Sorta Dropped The Ball There
The Bureau of Convenient Lunch Breaks
The Bureau of External Combustion)

Courtesy of Leaden Gipsy

Railroads? Where we're going, we don't need railroads.

Only 80%?

There's a plot?!

“Wait, there's plot?” - The GM team.

As far as I can tell, there's a Wide Open Post-Apocalyptic sandbox with the vaguely defined end goal (which entire domes *coughcrosscough* are free to ignore) of finding out what is up with this whole Paradise thing. It's… sort of the anti-Ragnarok, I guess? (Not that I've played in that one, so feel free to call me out if I'm getting the wrong impression.) Anyway, seen that way perhaps the correct percentages are 5-95…

I think everyone but the Grand Expeditionary League and P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E. division have forgotten about finding paradiso since the first turnsheet or two. But mark my words, the P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E. division will not be thwarted for long…

“I don't know where Paradise is or what it's like, but I can damn well deliver there.” - Captain Lemma

Wait, so you're telling me the entire plot DOESN'T revolve around the ultimate goal of starring in a musical written by Javier Rosa? Damn. Now I feel stupid!

No, don't stop! Starring in a musical written by Javier Rosa has been the Paradise all along. - Signed, the GM Team

Hey, look, I think we found the plot… I blame Lemma

It was definitely the G.E.L.!

You wouldn't steal a train…

The Internet can be a cruel place… (Found while Googling)

The Hollywood Blockbuster


Only good can come of this!

I saw that this image has been uploaded and spent far too long trying to work out which image was in relation to Professor K...

Chart-Topping Hits, Only On Radio Ravissem!

Perhaps we could convince her to stop killing people and focus on her other talents instead?

The session after Kiwi becomes GM, this happens. Coincidence? Or secret Southern Hemisphere takeover plot?

The Pacogaia Situation – Behind The Scenes

Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect

An idea that I've had kicking about in my head since around Turn 2. Funny how things turned out…

Here I dreamt I was a Domian
And I roamed the roads of Wildekein
And I recall the trains would trundle on along the plains
In that innocent time.

Where the robots called the sky down,
There Xenophon lies crying loudly now
And to build Paradise there's nothing that I wouldn't try,
Save let my life run out.

Through train rides and turn-sheets,
Guess it always falls to bits.
It's all good, it's OK,
When Corin Walters has his wa-ay-ay-ay-ay.

And I am nothing of a CASTER,
But here I dreamt I was an Architect
And I built these city-states
To keep you pure, to keep you safe from inferior ways
But the barriers and the airlocks
Even though our tech's impeccable
They never seemed to close, the Master Control Units froze
And you were free to go.

Through train rides and turn-sheets,
Guess it always falls to bits.
It's all good, it's OK,
When Corin Walters has his wa-ay-ay-ay-ay.

And here in Raven I'm a Ravenite;
I will be buried with my warrior-queen
Haven and Citadell both to our glorious legions fell
When the UPF stood aside.
But you, my Wildekeinin dazzler,
I love the chaos that you instigate.
And we are thieves of trains,
We fly our airships 'cross the plains
We disregard our fate.

Through train rides and turn-sheets,
Guess it always falls to bits.
It's all good, it's OK,
When Corin Walters has his way
But you jumped, so I win
I guess it had to come to this,
It's all good, it's OK,
When Corin Walters has his wa-ay-ay-ay-ay.

The holy texts and pictures of Corin Watlers [CENSORED BY ORDER OF CITADELL] [UNCENSORED BY ORDER OF CORIN]

Corin the Savior returns to save the dome

EXHIBIT III:27 : picture, composed by subject whilst in custody. Evidence of delusions/messiah complex being pretty damn cool. Presented at the trial.

Corin Defeating the Kraken during the Super Storm. “There is no bravery without madness!”

We stumbled across this just now while discussing this very action… - the GMs

Corins Re-educated Texts and Pictures

CORIN is fine now.

CORIN is a good boy.

CORIN is a good citizen.

CORIN would never burn down anything. (never-ever Corin swears!)

CORIN can no longer understand how to burn down anything.

CORIN stands for Cheerful Organic Rebellious Indigenous Newbie.

CORIN had nothing to do with the Royce incident…

CORIN's pocket full of reLAX has been confiscated.

CORIN thinks airships are so last-year.

Meanwhile, in Kallipolis

“We parry the explosion with a spoon.”

Friend computer told me to do it. Normal service will resume shortly.

“No-one can agree on what Paradise is, and yet all are certain that it must exist somewhere, be that out in the furthest Wilderness or buried deep within our hearts.” - Rien LaRue, Ravissem - LJ

Nonsense. Life in Kallipolis under Friend Socratary is Paradise! - All Loyal Kallipolitan Citizens


“Careful the things you say,
Automata listen.
Careful the things you do,
The Architects see.
And learn.

Pacogaia may not obey,
But Automata will listen.
Automata will look to you
For which way to turn,
To learn what to be.

Careful before you say,
“Listen to me.”
The Architects listen”

Courtesy of DAVE

The Hero of Haven

The man they call Flynn!
He kills the rich and he kills the poor.
Stood up to the man and he gave him what for.
Our love for him now, ain't hard to explain,
The hero of Haven, the man they call Flynn!
Now Flynn saw the Slaves' backs breakin'.
He saw the Slaves’ lament.
And he saw that Ravenite takin'
Every bushel and leavin' five corns.
So he said, “You can't do that to my people!”
“You can't crush them under your heel.”
Flynn strapped on his hat,
And in five seconds flat,
Stabbed everything Boss Blake had to stab.
He kills the rich and he kills the poor.
Stood up to the Man and he gave him what for.
Our love for him now ain't hard to explain,
The Hero of Haven, the man they call Flynn.
Now here is what separates murderers
From common folk like you and I.
The man they call Flynn,
He turned 'round his knife,
And let that blood hit floor.
He spilled it in their own houses.
He spilled it into their yards.
The man they call Flynn
He sheathed it again,
And headed out for the stars.
Here we go!
He kills the rich and he kills the poor.
Stood up to the Man and he gave him what for.
Our love for him now ain't hard to explain,
The Hero of Haven, the man they call Flynn!

Paradiso Pet Cemetary

R.I.P. Fluffy the Owl

To Churchal - I didn't mind you killing me, but the owl was another thing entirely!

Churchill, you say?

Churchill would never harm an owl. It was Corin Churchal, I tell you! Corin Churchal the mad priest! (– who? )

In case you don't know, you saw me brutally butcher the owl. FOR THE GLORY OF DRAKON!

Flynn, can you please kill this man?

If it brings you any consolidation I am currently locked in combat with George and Martin inside a ring of fire while all our troops fight it out on the airship.

It seems spirit of Fluffy will have his vengeance, in this life or the next…

Best book ever

in which the world's least cooperative most handsome and intellectually bold (Ed: I think Martins mistaking himself for Xenophon) man calls for cooperation and unification (but only if it's under him and espouses things he believes in) isn't that every piece of political philosophy ever? (Not ALL Political Scientists are egotists!)

Do you mean “pro lumine scientiae?

google translate never lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so nice of you to include Corin on the cover!

Over 9 trillion hours in MS paint.

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