The information presented on this page is intended to give you a flavour of this dome, to help you decide where you want your character to live and how they fit into the world. IC, most of it will be unknown to those who are not citizens. At game start, expect to receive a bit more detail on your chosen dome.

A dome where everybody is happy, everything is stable and all research is done to improve life.

Ravissem is a society where passion and all other bad things have been eliminated by the use of drugs, thus creating a happy crime free society. The government takes care of its citizens from the moment they are born. The people are generally superficial, having found no ideas or things to attach themselves to, which has helped with resolving conflicts as there are hardly any, all with the help of a miracle drug called ReLAX. Upon the discovery of the wild they were the most reluctant to leave the comfort of their dome, but the exotic curiosity of the unknown was too much to resist.

Population: ~62,000
Alphas: 2,000
Betas: 4,000
Gammas: 8,000
Deltas: 16,000
Epsilons: 32,000


Ancient History

“There was chaos and destruction, pain and suffering, wars, demons and murder. We lucky few were saved by The Great Riose, who took us under his care and gave us the safety of this dome. But we were still savages, beasts controlled by our own passions. Despite the fact that The Great Riose gave us this unique chance at redemption it was not enough, we were at the brink of our destruction. Even though we let him down - in his later years The Great Riose could not stand to see what we had become - he spent every last bit of his energy to save us, and he did. He designed this perfect society and turned it into the blissful heaven it is today. For this we are grateful to him. For this we remember him. It is our intent, in His honour, to keep this society stable and happy. The alternative is too dire to think of.”
- Extract from The Teachings of Riose for the Young

Recent History

“We have formed a stable and happy society. We have kept a stable and happy society. We will continue keeping a stable and happy society.”
- Government reminder

In the more recent history Supreme Supervisors have been chosen from amongst the people of the dome to maintain the teachings of Riose. They represent all classes and are there to help all citizens and to ensure everybody’s happiness. No Supreme Supervisor had a very difficult job until the discovery of the domes from the Outside. The Supreme Supervisor at the time of discovery was Francois Timmoen. He treated the matter severely with a complete lock down of the dome and sending a few hand picked ambassadors to study and determine the safety of the Outside. However the difficulty of his job put him to an early grave and he was soon replaced by Romana Bordelion, the current Supreme Supervisor.

Romana Bordelion is rumoured to have been one of the ambassadors to the outside. She noticed a fascination for the unknown within the dome so she decided to allow people old enough to leave for the outside as long as they took the proper cautions and they helped a little with the building of the track, mostly offering medical care to the train track workers.


“We live together, are happy together, are relaxed together. We have created the perfect place.”
- Government reminder

The Society in Ravissem makes sure that every member is happy. To ensure that there is a certain levelling of the members of the society in place from the moment they are born, people are taught how to behave and what to think by the government. Their living in a very social medium ensures that they maintain the early notions of right, normal and proper behaviour that have been offered to them as kids. The society has given up grief and passion for the benefit of peace and some definition of happiness.

Government and Laws

“Riose has seen the mistakes of the past. He has shown us the way and his spirit still helps us be the perfect society. Let go of all worries and passions and ReLAX. The government will take care of the rest.”
- Government reminder

The Government, at its head the Supreme Supervisor, makes sure that the people of Ravissem are happy. They make sure they have all that they need and make sure they are safe. There are three main parts to the government: the Upbringing Department, which takes care of all the children; the Police Force, which has never been as important as now; and the Radio, which keeps the residents informed and happy.

The Government with the help of the Police Force have worked to bring the citizens a crime less environment where people have nothing to fear. The Police Force, though not busy before, as the form of the society has created an almost crimeless environment, now also protects people from the outside. In recent years training has become harsher and the Force even more highly esteemed.


“Money is a symbol of a failing past society. It was the reason for wars, crime an unhappiness. There is no need for money. We get what we deserve. We get what we need.”
- Government reminder

People are paid after work with the amount of ReLAX they would need for the week, every week. All the rest of their necessities are provided by the government. All people can get the clothes they want, the food they require, the housing they need. The higher classes however get more benefits, like plastic surgery, or riding the bike-taxi (a faster method of transport across the dome which moves by the effort of a Delta).

Daily Life

“We are happy together. Only together we are strong. We rely on one another. Life alone is hell.”
- Government reminder

The people of Ravissem are split up into five strict classes for different jobs and different abilities. These classes are determined by the Government and it is socially frowned upon to associate with those more than one class above or below your own. You might find yourself getting funny looks if you spend too much time with people outside your social class.

Within the same class though, Ravissites live as one. There is no concept of gender, no concept of age and no concept of colour. Everyone belongs to everyone. Everyone is equal. From birth they are introduced to this social life and nobody wants to be alone. Ravissem makes it easy to never be alone. Everything they do, they do together: work together, live together, cook together and eat together, they even bathe together.

There has thus evolved an environment of trust and openness between the residents of Ravissem. The Government ensures that everybody lives comfortably. However the residents still have some responsibilities. For example, though the Government provides the food needed, equally to everybody, people have to cook it, prepare it, serve it and clean after themselves.


“Children are a burden, yet they are the future of our society. This is why we take care of them from the moment they are born.”
- Government reminder

In the way that the society developed, children have disappeared from the minds of people. However they are important to the maintenance of the society. In order to keep childbearing a process as un-disruptive as possible, the Government assigns Child Duty to residents on a regular basis, removing children from their biological parents from the moment they are born. It is an activity which people want to avoid, but having children the “natural” way has been the only means all the research they have been doing has managed to find. The concept of Mother or Father is foreign to the citizens of Ravissem and amongst the more radical an insult.

The Upbringing department takes care of the Education and Health of the new babies up to the moment they become adults. At that point they are ready to work for the society in the society.


 Fashion on the outside“Clothes are beautiful. Change them as often as you must and choose the best, most exciting attire you can imagine.”
- Government reminder

When interacting with the outside the people of Ravissem wear protective attire, but inside they like to change their clothes often, as nobody needs to be bothered to fix clothes. While at work they wear scrub like clothes, which are designed to keep them clean and safe. However, in their free time people wear all kinds of bizarre fashions, as long as they are in the colour of their class everything suits. Most of the time however, the higher the rank the more elaborate and absurd the styles are.


“Technology should evolve together with the society. Once the technology overcomes our society we are in danger. There is time until then, but even so keep that in mind and research things that can only help people and never harm them.”
- University of Eos research department creed.

There are two well developed technologies in the dome, medicine and radio. The Government has striven to develop medicine to the highest possible standards so that their people can enjoy life without the worries of illness. It has been the goal of the Government to eradicate all illnesses and they managed to, until they met the outside and new illnesses popped up. Radio is played all throughout the dome, outside and inside, it is there to keep people happy and remind them of how to be happy.


“If you worry, if you feel sad, just ReLAX.”
- Government reminder

ReLAX is the drug developed early on to help people of Ravissem. It has been developed to replace alcohol or any other recreational drugs, keeping the pleasant effects and eliminating the unpleasant ones. There is no overdose for ReLAX. Nevertheless abusive consumption in amounts beyond those recommended by the Government, has been known to cause addiction. Rumours have it that after a period of addiction people become less and less responsive to outside stimuli, being more and more immersed in their own fantasy. There is no known rehabilitation method.

The Gazette

“We are the thoughts of the people of Ravissem. We work free from the Government to see the world as it is.”
- Gazette creed

The Gazette it the only newspaper in Ravissem. It is fully independent and free to everybody. The most popular section is the gossip column, focused on telling the wondrous tales of the famous in the society. But they also have a serious side. They take it onto themselves to find the news of interest and inform the citizens of what is happening.

The People

“We are each assigned a class. The classes keep us alive. The classes keep us happy. The classes make this a working society.”
- Government reminder

The people are separated into classes from the moment they are born and raised into these classes.


Ravissem Fashion GreenAlphas are given more intellectually challenging and imaginative jobs such as researching and lecturing in the University of Eos, designing clothes products to make the lives of Ravissem residents happier, planning complex surgery or writing for the Gazette. Alphas wear green and are considered adults when they become 21, having almost certainly completed a course at the University of Eos. They are the least numerous in the dome.


Betas are given jobs that are quite intellectually challenging but more repetitive, requiring less imagination and creativity. Typical Beta jobs include being lab technicians, managers, or coordinating supply distribution. Betas wear brown and are considered adults at the age of 18, although some choose to take a course at the University of Eos before embarking on a career.


Gamma fashion redGammas are given jobs that require little intellectually and very little creatively. Typical Gamma jobs include nurses, shop keepers, secretaries and radio workers. Gammas wear red and are considered adults at the age of 16.


Deltas are given jobs that require little intellectually and nothing creatively, however need to be slightly visible at times. Typical Delta jobs are bike-taxi drivers, window cleaners, newspaper distributors. Deltas wear blue and are considered adults at the age of 16.


Epsilons are given jobs which are not intellectually challenging and make a point of not being noticed. Typical Epsilon jobs include factory workers, janitors, farmers. Epsilons wear black and are considered adults at the age of 14. They do not have more than the very basic needed education. They are the most numerous in the dome.


Not available at game start. They are the people who work for the government. They take care of the children and they do other things nobody wants to do. They are chosen amongst the most dedicated people to the system and are respected in the society for doing what needs to be done, yet avoided by most for doing such a “dirty” job. They are chosen from all the classes and referred to Alpha Omegas, Beta Omegas, etc. They do jobs corresponding their own classes for the good of the people. They have gold tattoos on their cheek of a small omega to represent their positions.


“ The dome offers us safety. The government gives everybody all they need to be happy. The security of life should be a given. The houses we all have are perfect for us.”
- Government reminder

Lower levels of RavissemThe dome has not changed its infrastructure much from the initial times. People live in government housing based on their class. The people of Ravissem still live in the housing offered to them by the Great Riose when he introduced them to the dome. The entire block is structured like a pyramid. The Epsilons live on the lowest levels, while the Alphas live on the highest levels. The higher levels of the pyramid have better quality and larger rooms, although naturally fewer of them, while the lower ones are shabbier but more numerous, with more supplies used on the maintenance of higher levels.


The Architecture of Ravissem is a combination of Romanesque style with Beaux Arts and Rococo. The Buildings, regardless of what they are used on the inside are designed to look grand, unnecessarily complex, and beautiful. The insides are highly decorated - even the factory areas have some degree of decorated ceilings and walls (despite some having deteriorated with the passing of time).

Important Places

The Riose Square

Riose Square The central square of the dome, which despite the name is more like a circle of 200 meters in diameter. It is situated at the topmost location of the pyramid. It is a popular meeting point. It is surrounded by the most important buildings in the dome. At its centre there is a statue of The Great Riose.

University of Eos

Largest building in the square. Place where people are taught and most of the research takes place.

The Police Centre of Operations

The meeting place and training centre for the Police.

Gazette Headquarters

The typography and office space for the Gazette.

The Radio Centre

Where all the Radio broadcasts are made from.

The Riose Library

Holding the absolutely amazing number of 300 books, it is the biggest [and only] library in the dome. It is the heart of all knowledge.

The Communal Kitchens

Ravissem Common Eating AreasEach class has their own Kitchens. They are separated into the eating area, the cooking area and the washing area. Each can fit around 1,000 people. They are big areas where people eat, prepare meals and help with the dishes.

The Communal Baths

Ravissem Communal BathsEach class has their own Baths. Hygiene is incredibly important to the people of Ravissem. Each can fit around 1,000 people. They are big areas where people clean themselves. Cleanliness is very important in Ravissem.

Common Opinions


“I have seen some clothes of such complexity and grandeur among some of them. I think they could be worthy to design a wardrobe fitting my greatness. Too bad most of them tend to use a varied collection of colours. But I guess they could do without. I certainly wouldn't want my clothes to be blue, or worse, black.”
- Alain Montaignoeuf(Alpha), The Singster

“It is lovely. Getting to see more domes than most I think Cross is the most beautiful of them all. If I had to pick a dome other than Ravissem to live in that would be it. It is perfect, except for their absolutely frightening tendency to keep their children about. Who would want that? How are adults supposed to enjoy themselves with all those little humans running about, making a mess and … oh, dear… I don't even want to think about it any more.”
- Lieselotte Lapin(Alpha), redactor chief and main journalist of the Gazette


“Brutes! Too stiff. But I have to say I would not mind spending a night or two with some of them. What can I say, their uniforms are inexplicably attractive. With time I could teach them to relax.”
- Edith Plourde(Gamma), nurse and first aid helper on the building of the tracks.

“We are so similar and yet so different. We could learn much from each other and become great allies or become enemies in their eyes. I would like to look through some of their books, but I don't think they would be appropriate here.”
- Mahaut Corvant(Beta), librarian at the University of Eos.


“They are probably the more reasonable of the Outlanders. They are still insufficiently clean, but we could learn to accept them.”
- Alain Montaignoeuf(Alpha), The Singster

“Why on earth they spend so much energy and time on such useless trivia is beyond me. They would be so much happier if they forgot about all this silliness and relaxed.”
- Clovis Sauveterre(Delta), food helper on the building of the tracks

“Their search for knowledge is admirable. I would be fascinated to discuss more complex matters and find out about the culture that we have lost yet they have kept.”
- Rien LaRue(Alpha), professor at the University of Eos.


“They seem to be lovely people. Possibly their mindset is the closest to ours, however I doubt I could ever do without the luxuries of the city. It's scary how they managed to survive for so long in those conditions.”
- Louis(Beta), lab technician in training

“I would go on a relaxing holiday there for a few days if I had the time. I would be completely invisible there…”
- Romana Bordelion, Supreme Supervisor


“Savage unruly beasts! I wish we had nothing to do with them. They are a source of disease and filth.”
- Edith Plourde(Gamma), nurse and first aid helper on the building of the tracks.

“How such an disorganised society without any rules or laws could survive is a mystery. Yet somehow they managed to. I believe they could cause us problems in their chaos. Our forces should be able to withstand any riots they may cause… I hope.”
- Felix Chevalier(Alpha), Chief of Police.


“They seem miserable and over-worked. Trying everyday in vain to get higher on the food chain. If I had any doubts before I now am completely certain why The Great Riose created a clear class system. It's painful to hear the stories of their struggles when it's clear they are not going to make it. This undefined class system offers them false hopes.”
- Louis(Beta), lab technician in training.

“Murder, beatings, kidnappings, stealing. The things I heard from one of their policemen… How can that be happening? I never had to deal with this for as long as I have been on the police force. How long has that been? I think it's almost 30 years now. Perhaps that is the problem of people becoming too ambitious, too attached. Good thing we don't have to deal with this in Ravissem.”
- Felix Chevalier(Alpha), Chief of Police.


“I feel like our paths started in the same place but ended up in very different places. It would be interesting to see which decisions made our societies so different.”
- Bernardo Barossa(Alpha), Head of Eos University and Professor of History.

“So closed off… Avoiding contact with the exterior. There have to be some beautiful stories there. Oh, maybe some secret wild parties they deem us unworthy of. Or, or …”
- Lieselotte Lapin(Alpha), Director and main journalist of The Gazette.


“It is our pleasure to help the creation of this train track. Our medical expertise seems to trump all the rest of the domes and we are happy to share it with them. However we would like to avoid the spread of any illnesses we may not have developed resistance to so we strongly recommend that all Ravissem citizens wear protective equipment upon leaving the dome. All visitors to the dome will be carefully sanitised and offered protective gear to avoid such issues as well.”
- Romana Bordelion, Supreme Supervisor.

“It is amazing that humans not unlike us managed to survive the Great Apocalypse.Perhaps they had somebody like Riose looking out for them. Though we must be careful, I am quite sure they could show us new interesting ways to be happy and relax. Some of them have some interesting concepts, like this alcohol. This track is perfect for us to be safe and still interact with each other!”
- Alain Montaignoeuf(Alpha), The Singster.

The Wilderness

“It's dangerous out there. I should know. I thought I would loose my life and my beautiful voice when I went out there.”
- Alain Montaignoeuf(Alpha), The Singster.


“We have achieved Paradise. I don’t know what all this hassle is about.”
- Louis (Beta), lab technician in training.

“I am curious. I know nothing about it and that intrigues me.”
- Rien LaRue (Alpha), professor at the University of Eos.

Rolling a Ravissem Character

Note: this section is for creating a character in Ravissem. For more general character creation read the character creation page.

You can only play adult characters from Ravissem. Your characters will probably have less endurance to the outside world and be more superficial than most. Most people in Ravissem have little to no concept of crime, love, passion or family.

Playable Ranks

Rank Favoured Skills
Alpha Persuasion and Medicine
Beta Persuasion and Medicine
Gamma Craftsmanship and Medicine
Delta Craftsmanship and Stealth
Epsilon Craftsmanship and Stealth

Ravissem Specific Traits

For more information about the traits system, as well as other traits a Ravissem character can take, please visit the traits page.

ReLAX Addict (-3)

You are addicted to ReLAX, you have to take more than the average person. Sometimes it’s hard to get your hands on more and you feel sad. When you do you take it and feel too relaxed. This means your actions don’t have your full attention. Sometimes you will be unable to tell the gravity of the situation (e.g. Jack is high on ReLAX and he is wandering the wilderness, he sees a big cat with very sharp teeth. He thinks it looks cute and wants to stroke its fur.)

Beware: This trait has the potential to get severely worse over time if not dealt with.

Poker Face (+2)

Living in Ravissem you have learnt to put on a good face. It has become clear that many times it is a disadvantage to let people see what you feel on your fact, therefore after periods of training you have managed to create the perfect poker face, always looking happy and hype whenever you wish. Beware: this won’t help you in session.

Drug Induced Immunity (+2)

Somehow all the drugs and vaccines you have been subjected to all your life from your birth have made you immune to diseases from the Outside.

Drug Induced Vulnerability (-2)

Years and years in a bacteria free dome, always with medicine to heal your every scratch has made you vulnerable to diseases from the outside. Regardless of how many layers you wear you always seem to get at least a runny nose. Who knows what would happen if you were to encounter a more dangerous virus?


Remember, dressing up is entirely optional! These are simply suggestions for those who want to.

Characters are clothed by the Government. When interacting with the outside they would use at least the basic levels of protection (e.g. surgical masks - consider cutting a hole for your mouth in oder for you to be audible, latex gloves, less revealing clothing). Inside they have a lot of liberty of choosing clothes for their free time and they are often a bit strange as long as they are the colour of their class (had a dress you thought inappropriate or too old fashioned, or some trousers which were so strange you would be noticed from an airplane if you wore them, but liked them so you bought them anyways? Now’s the time to wear them). While at work however such clothes are considered dangerous so people wear simple clothes, of the colour of their class.

Naming Conventions

People of this dome are offered a name at birth and can choose another upon their adulthood. It is customary for the chosen name to be similar to or matching the given name, though especially among Epsilons as they reach adulthood earlier, some names may sound more absurd than others.

Names are generally Francophone of origin. Another thing to note is that all names are used both for females and males, regardless of the original gender of the name.

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