At Character Creation you have 6 points to spend on Skills, with the possibility of increasing that number by taking up to 3 skills as 'inept' (see below). Skills go up to Level 5, however for most skills Level 2 is the maximum available at Character Creation. Depending on your chosen Dome and Rank within that Dome, you will have two skills that you can take up to a maximum of Level 3 at Character Creation (see Favoured Skills).

Over the course of the game, you will be able to level up some of your skills - see Character Advancement.

The level of any particular skill affects how well your character performs in actions in that area. To give you a rough outline of what to expect:

Level Description
-1 Complete ineptitude (see below)
0 Base level ability
1 Competent
2 Adept
3 Excellent
4 Outstanding
5 World Expert

Bear in mind that this is all relative to the general ability levels of the population and the level of existing knowledge in the World. For instance, while achieving level 5 can be thought of as being a 'World Expert' in that field, that is only in comparison to everyone else - it doesn't make you omnipotent!


By default, skills start at rank 0, representing generic base level ability. These skills may be levelled up over the course of the game. However, when creating your character you may, if you want, choose to take up to three skills as 'Inept', with a value of -1. This effectively gives you 1 extra point per inept skill to spend at character creation on other skills. However, skills taken as Inept cannot be levelled up throughout the course of the game. Furthermore, Inept skills represent a crippling weakness in a character's ability in the relevant area that cannot be fixed. As such, any action (or part thereof) that attempts to use an inept skill is (more or less) guaranteed to fail, with potentially harmful consequences1).

Our advice: take inept skills at your own risk!

Favoured Skills

When creating your character, most of your skills can only be taken up to level 2. However, depending on what Dome and Rank you have chosen for your character, you can assign a maximum of 3 levels to two specific skills, set out below.

Cross Citadell
Administrator Persuasion Strategy Security Police Combat Stealth
Creative Persuasion Craftsmanship Army Combat Strategy
Worker Endurance Craftsmanship Teacher Combat Persuasion
Rest of Force Combat Endurance
Sophostos Haven
Top 10% Academics Strategy Representative Persuasion Strategy
Top 20% (Humanities) Academics Strategy Farmer Endurance Navigation
Top 20% (Science) Academics Medicine Service Provider Craftsmanship Medicine
Top 50% Academics Craftsmanship Unemployed Combat Stealth
Bottom 50% Academics Craftsmanship
Bottom 20% Endurance Craftsmanship
Wildekein Muruvia
Transient Navigation Stealth Line Manager Persuasion Strategy
Unremarkable Navigation Combat Office Worker Academics Strategy
Noted Navigation Persuasion Factory Worker Craftsmanship Medicine
Manual Labourer Endurance Navigation
Kallipolis Ravissem
Philosopher Academics Strategy Alpha Persuasion Medicine
Auxiliary (Enforcement) Combat Endurance Beta Persuasion Medicine
Auxiliary (Information) Stealth Strategy Gamma Craftsmanship Medicine
Auxiliary (Foreign Affairs) Navigation Persuasion Delta Craftsmanship Stealth
Proletariat (Health) Endurance Medicine Epsilon Craftsmanship Stealth
Proletariat (Other Industries) Endurance Craftsmanship


Academics represents your knowledge and ability to conduct research. You know how to get the most out of a book or artefact, and can apply the knowledge you have gained in new ways.

  • Inept (-1): Academic texts are completely incomprehensible to you. You may well not be able to read or write, and you have a hard time understanding new ideas, let alone coming up with them yourself.
  • Base (0): You're smart enough to be a functional person, but reading, research and philosophy aren't really your thing.
  • Competent (1): You're able to pick up a little of a new concept from reading about it and retain most of what you learn.
  • Adept (2): From reading a book you can learn a new subject quickly and easily, picking up on ideas that others would take months of work to realise.
  • Excellent (3): Your general knowledge is exquisite and your aptitude for learning is profoundly impressive.
  • Outstanding (4): You are able to swiftly understand any new subject you come across and carry out ground breaking research.
  • World Expert (5): You have an extensive knowledge on most subjects. Your research is almost always approved, and you'll probably get a building or two named after you sooner or later.


Combat represents your ability to fight. As well as simply granting proficiency with weapons, at higher levels it also allows you to read the moves of your enemies to keep you free from harm. Note that this simply covers your ability to physically partake in combat - organising armies and battle strategies is done with the Strategy skill. Also be aware that Inept Endurance will severely limit your abilities in close-quarters combat (although reading the moves of your opponents and using ranged weapons will be mostly unaffected).

  • Inept (-1): You couldn't fight your way out of a cardboard box. Your enemies beat you in combat with haste - that is, if you don't defeat yourself first. Firing a bow is likely to end with you shooting yourself in the foot, and you never have been certain which way up you are supposed to hold a sword…
  • Base (0): You have no knowledge of fighting styles or techniques, and have no experience with any weapons.
  • Competent (1): When rough-housing as a child, you were undefeated. Some of that talent has been carried with you, but you've never pursued it. However you're still better than the average Joe.
  • Adept (2): You've had formal combat training. You'd be well suited to a career in an army, and could easily best one or two untrained adversaries.
  • Excellent (3): While you may not win every fight, you can almost certainly keep yourself alive, no matter who or what tries to attack you.
  • Outstanding (4): You can hold off a large group of attackers, and use almost anything as a weapon.
  • World Expert (5): Only a brave (or stupid) few stand in your way. Your knowledge of weaponry is intimidating enough on its own, and woe betide someone get on your bad side.


Craftsmanship represents you ability to build interesting contraptions (within the bounds of your technological knowledge), and create works of art such as statues and paintings. An element of creative flair comes with this. Note that your ability to tinker with technology is bounded by your actual IC knowledge of that technology - you may encounter difficulty fiddling with the workings of items created by other characters that rely on academic knowledge you lack, and the arcane functionally of Old Technology is completely beyond your reach.

  • Inept (-1): There are some people who should never be allowed to do DIY, but even they wouldn't trust anything you try to build. When you dare try to assemble a contraption, it tends to suffer a catastrophic spontaneous disassembly - and if it doesn't, that's probably because it's about to injure you. As for your artistic talents, any two year old with access to crayons could probably do better than you.
  • Base (0): You have no particular craftsmanship talent.
  • Competent (1): You are in the select group of people who can battle with flat-packed furniture single-handedly. You have little need for instruction books, and your macaroni pictures are sublime.
  • Adept (2): You could probably be a craftsman by trade. While you can make small changes to designs, you're often best off copying something else.
  • Excellent (3): You are one of the few people who could make a living off of being an artist. Your designs are new and creative, and your paintings are almost lifelike.
  • Outstanding (4): Having your own brand would not be beyond you. The things you make are likely to start some sort of trend.
  • World Expert (5): People flock to see your latest creations. You're likely to be put in charge of any large projects, and people will pay top dollar for original designs of yours.


Endurance represents your physical fitness and worldly knowledge, allowing you to work for longer and survive in the direst of circumstances.

  • Inept (-1): Your spirit animal, if that were to exist, would be a twig. You are severely lacking in physical strength and stamina (even walking up stairs is a challenge), and have no knowledge of how to survive outside the comfort of society (those red berries look delicious…). Note that this may also have a deleterious effect on hand-to-hand Combat, regardless of the level of your Combat skill.
  • Base (0): You have the average physical fitness of an ordinary citizen. You lack any knowledge about surviving in adverse conditions.
  • Competent (1): You could survive a week or so in the Wilderness. It wouldn't be comfortable, but you'd be alive.
  • Adept (2): You're a fan of camping trips, and with preparation you could spend around a month in the Wilderness with company.
  • Excellent (3): With some preparation, you could spend several months on your own in the Wilderness. If you got into a fight, you could stay standing long enough to get away with your life.
  • Outstanding (4): With a small pack of supplies you could spend up to 6 months in the Wilderness if needs be. If attacked you could come out without any particularly long-lasting injuries.
  • World Expert (5): You can survive for years just off the things in your surroundings. You can take a punch from just about anyone, or anything.


Medicine represents your ability to diagnose and heal injury and illness (within the limits of what is known and possible). It includes the ability to create drugs which have the intended effects.

  • Inept (-1): Even the most minor of attempts at inept medicine end in a disastrous (and often disgusting) mess. Your attempts at 'diagnosing' conditions are laughable in their absurdity, your understanding of hygiene is… questionable… and should you dare attempt to operate on or medicate someone, you are likely to inflict worse injury, if not outright kill them.
  • Base (0): You have no particular medical training beyond what is common knowledge (applying a sticking plaster, washing your hands, etc).
  • Competent (1): You've had some first-aid training, and can identify some of the more obvious diseases.
  • Adept (2): You have a working knowledge of all common illnesses and diseases, and their cures. Other more mundane medical procedures such as midwifery are within your ability.
  • Excellent (3): You can diagnose most known ailments, and treat a fair few of them. You can also perform some of the less invasive types surgery without making things worse.
  • Outstanding (4): Almost any treatment is within your grasp, if someone has researched the problem, you probably know about it. In the worst case scenario, you could attempt to perform some forms of surgery on yourself.
  • World Expert (5): You can spot illnesses from the earliest signs, and treat accordingly. Your renowned medical expertise has likely saved hundreds of lives.


Navigation represents your ability to explore, understand, and map your surroundings, be they the vast expanse of the Wilderness, or the streets and buildings of the Domes.

  • Inept (-1): You are completely unable to find your way around all but the most familiar of places. Maps are but an incomprehensible scrawl to you, and a trip into the Wilderness unaccompanied risks almost certain death. Even routine trips to the market can end in navigational disaster for you. The only place you feel safe not losing your way is your own home.
  • Base (0): You can find your way around your dome with relative ease, and follow simple directions, but little more.
  • Competent (1): You can draw crude maps of new places you have visited, but they lack detail. This is the lowest level at which entering the Wilderness isn't completely suicidal, but you wouldn't feel confident straying too far from the sanctuary of the domes.
  • Adept (2): Navigating the domes (both your home and others) is a cinch, and you are confident enough to find your way around much of the known Wilderness on your own (assuming you can survive). You are capable of creating maps legible enough for others to use.
  • Excellent (3): Your navigational experience allows you to spot landmarks and patterns that others would not, making it possible to explore completely uncharted territory without getting lost.
  • Outstanding (4): Provided the weather is good, you can almost certainly get yourself where you need to be. You also have an superb knowledge of any area that has already been mapped out.
  • World Expert (5): You can find your way in almost any weather condition, by drawing from the wealth of signs in your surroundings. Be it the night sky, or a vast ocean, there's always something to direct you home.


Persuasion represents your ability to convince people of things, as well as your social ability more generally. It allows you to win people to your side, diffuse a tense situation, or simply unnerve your enemies. Note that this will affect all NPCs, but will not work on PCs! You will have to persuade other players of your opinions yourself.

  • Inept (-1): You are so bad at persuading people to help you that any attempts you make to do so are likely to hinder your cause, rather than simply doing nothing. Your demeanour makes you seem untrustworthy (regardless of how nice you actually are), and you have difficulty making new friends.
  • Base (0): You are no more persuasive or social than anyone else.
  • Competent (1): People will believe white lies you come up with, and you can often get someone with neutral opinion on your side of an argument.
  • Adept (2): Your control of words comes naturally, and can at the very least distract a guard, perhaps even get past them.
  • Excellent (3): Your ideas are trusted, and you can persuade a room of people to come round to your way of thinking.
  • Outstanding (4): Speaking to large crowds is the norm for you. Your silver tongue can not only get you into places you shouldn't be, but also to get the security to show you where you want to go.
  • World Expert (5): You have little problem convincing people you are correct. You can usually persuade even the most adamant opposition of your ideas.


Stealth represents your ability to remain unseen by way of your surroundings and disguises, as well as to steal things and sneak up on people. Your knowledge of stealth also affords a degree of ability in countering the clandestine efforts of others.

  • Inept (-1): Suave saboteur… master of disguise… these are things you will never be. Subtlety is not in your vocabulary, and no matter how hard you try, you are always the most conspicuous person in the room. Do not expect to be able to keep yourself or your possessions hidden from your enemies (or your friends) for very long.
  • Base (0): You have no stealth ability - a game of hide and seek is about the limit of your stealthing skill.
  • Competent (1): You can slip past the average person on the street undetected, and get away with some simple sleight of hand, but don't be expecting to get through any security checkpoints or escape capable pursuers.
  • Adept (2): You can hide from pursuers in a chase most of the time. If there is a suitable distraction you can get past one or two security measures.
  • Excellent (3): When backs are turned, you can get up to a lot. Stealing pieces of furniture and creeping around can be done without drawing attention from people in the next room.
  • Outstanding (4): You are basically a ninja. You can steal something out of a room even when people are milling about, and making an unseen exit from conversations is second nature.
  • World Expert (5): If there's a way to get into somewhere, you can find it. If you don't want to be found, then you almost certainly won't be.


Strategy represents your ability to plan ahead, be that planning a public works project, organising a rescue mission, or commanding an army. At higher levels, you can also perceive potential strategies from any opponents, and work counter-tactics into your plans.

  • Inept (-1): Your 'plans' are so terrible that anyone might think they were simply elaborate attempts at self-sabotage. Anything you try to plan out in detail will backfire in ways you haven't foreseen. Still, one day in the far future you might finally win a game of noughts and crosses, so you've got that to aim for.
  • Base (0): You have no more strategic insight than the next guy.
  • Competent (1): Party planning is your forte. You can easily co-ordinate a handful of people and are often turned to when a plan needs putting together.
  • Adept (2): You make a great team leader. Given time you can organise some larger scale affairs, and have a fair knowledge of previous successes to draw on.
  • Excellent (3): You are a dab hand at most forms of strategy. You can make a guess at what the opposition might do, and adapt your plans accordingly, given enough time.
  • Outstanding (4): Your plans almost always go off without a hitch, and on the rare occasion failure does strike, you can adapt your plan to the situation with ease. You can often deduce how your opposition is likely to act, be it in chess or on the battlefield.
  • World Expert (5): Your uncanny knowledge of tactical advantages allows you to change plans at a moments notice. You can often apply your skills in a wide range of situations, from large scale battles to large scale marketing campaigns.
1) To clarify: deliberate attempts to seriously use inept skills will outright fail; humorous attempts to use inept skills whilst knowing OC that they will fail may illicit a more amusing response, but will ultimately still achieve nothing (or worse). If you are forced - by PC action or otherwise - into using an inept skill inadvertently in an action, it will still count against you, but not as disastrously as if you had deliberately tried to use it.
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