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This page outlines the general setting of Paradiso from an OOC perspective, to give you a feel for what is and isn't possible. (Certain examples and references may make more sense after having read the 'Setting' pages.)


In simple terms, Paradiso is set in a post-apocalyptic world, around 500 years after an unknown catastrophe. Eight protective domes sheltered a small number of survivors, who went on to build city states within these domes. The domed cities proceeded to develop independently (and quite differently), believing the outside Wilderness to be poisonous. Within the last few decades, the domes have discovered that, whilst dangerous, the Wilderness is not itself deadly, and through exploration of the Wilderness, the cities have become aware of each other. The completion of a railway line between the domes is one of key events that triggers the start of the game.

All the details of the setting that you will need to play can be found within this wiki. No pre-existing knowledge is required to play.


While occasional evidence of advanced technology from The World That Was can be seen in the World (most notably the domes themselves), the vast majority of the scientific and engineering knowledge behind it seems to have been lost in the Apocalypse. While the precise level of technological understanding varies by dome, it can mostly be thought of as being at a level similar to the mid-1800s in the OC real world.

For more information on precisely what this entails, see Technology.

Character Death

Paradiso contains a variety of settings within it, of varying levels of hostility. The domes themselves are generally to be considered relatively safe (although different societies take different views on those who cause trouble). The Wilderness, on the other hand, is somewhat more complex. Much of what it contains is completely unknown, and venturing into it unprepared could have unfortunate consequences for your character. Should you put yourself into a particularly dangerous situation without adequate planning or defence, the GMs will give you one 'warning shot', inflicting serious injury to player characters or even killing allied NPCs. Throwing yourself into similar danger again risks character death. Of course if you turnsheet to do something that will certainly get you killed (e.g. give a wolf a hug) then there's really nothing we can do to save you.

The game is intended primarily to be a PvE (Player vs Environment) experience. Being a Society Game, however, some amount of PvP (Player vs Player) activity is also expected, as player agendas collide. Still, in the name of a fun experience for all, we would like to avoid unforeseeable character death wherever possible, and so would recommend trying to subtly thwart your enemy's plans or challenging them in public rather than going straight for assassination. Bear in mind also that different societies within the domes, as well as the playerbase at large, may not take kindly to acts of murder, and doing so may invite disastrous consequences upon yourself.

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