Current Technology

Much was lost in the Apocalypse, including a lot of knowledge. Different domes placed different emphasises during their development on rediscovering such things, although since becoming aware of each other, some knowledge from the more scientifically advanced domes has filtered into the others. To this end, the current level of technological advancement can be likened somewhat to that in the (OOC) mid-1800s, with a handful of exceptions.


Electricity and basic electrical systems, such as lamps and simple radios, are known about, but electronics (computers, etc) are far out of reach. The domes provide most of the necessary energy for use inside the domes which meant no real development was made in the production of energy in most domes. Steam engines also exist among some of the more technologically knowledgeable domes.

Transportation on Land

Horses have been tamed to the extent that they can be ridden - it was in this manner that the first explorations of the Wilderness occurred. The (relatively) small size of the domes, coupled with the rough terrain of the Wilderness, makes these perhaps the best suited form of transportation for most circumstances - motor vehicles have not been invented, and at any rate there are no long-distance flat roads outside. The highest technology for ground-based transportation is The Inter-Dome Railway, recently completed, which uses a steam engine.

Transportation on Water

The domes surround a large sea, but themselves do not contain any particularly large bodies of water. To this end, while simple boats exist, nothing capable of exploring the deep and choppy waters of the Sea of Mists has yet been successfully attempted.

Transportation by Air

No practical air travel is currently possible. The limited airspace of the domes meant it was never an area considered for research prior to the discovery of the Wilderness, and even after that, the more practical means of horseback (and eventually the train) took precedence for development. That said, simple hot air balloons have been flown within some domes for the purpose of leisure on occasion, but these can only really go up and down - they cannot be otherwise controlled, making them impractical for actual transportation.


The availability of materials for construction varies by dome, but such supplies are generally hard to come by for the average person - surviving after the end of the world requires careful resource management, after all. The more architecturally developed domes do have mining operations of some sort, but these are generally controlled by a higher authority. That said, the development of the Inter-Dome Railway of course required great excesses of certain materials, and for this mines in the Wilderness were established - again, controlled by higher authorities, and not available to the average citizen. Knowledge of how to work common materials such as wood and metals is fairly commonplace, but clearly more complex material science of the OC modern world is not available.


Before the domes became aware of the outside world, many had little to no need for any form of weaponry. However, now that the Wilderness has presented itself, and given the many threats it might contain, development of weapons has sped up somewhat. Pretty much any bludgeoning, striking, cutting, etc weapon you can imagine feasibly exists (swords, axes, spears, etc), as do simple ranged alternatives such as bows. Firearms are somewhat rarer, and rather rudimentary in design, but if you know where to look you might be able to source one. Just bear in mind that most domes would be rather unhappy to see them used within their borders! Possessing any kind of weapon (outside standard issue for those ranks of a military persuasion) will likely require taking the Tool / Artefact trait.


Besides letter writing or employing a messenger (facilities vary by dome), it is also possible to communicate via radio, which is one of the more advanced technologies available. As a result it isn't widespread in every dome. Within certain domes, where power is available, broadcast radio exists. Portable two-way radios are also available, however possess numerous limitations, such as battery-life (and hence range) and lack of privacy. As expeditions into the Wilderness reach further and further into uncharted territory, improving communications equipment is seen to be an important area of research.

Making New Technology

For characters with the appropriate skills (namely Craftsmanship and Academics), certain advances in technology can be made during the course of the game. The amount of effort required to do so will likely vary depending on what it is that you want to make and the level of skill your character has. What is certain, however, is that any advances in science must be an extension of existing IC knowledge, rather than by leveraging OC science. The GMs will look with well placed scorn on those who, for instance, assert that because splitting the atom is physically possible, that they can discover it IC and invent nuclear weapons. A more detailed guide to making new technology can be found here, on the Technology System page. (If you have any questions about whether it would be feasible to work towards a particular technological goal, either before or during the game, feel free to ask the GMs.)

Pre-Apocalypse Technology

Rumours and tales of The World That Was claim that, before the Apocalypse, incredibly advanced technologies existed, although very little is known of what these might actually entail. However, if the shells of the domes themselves were built before the Apocalypse, as is commonly believed, then it would be reasonable to assume that they are but one example of what was possible at the time.

In the course of the game, you may find that you come across certain artefacts that seem to date from The World That Was. Through careful study, it is feasible for you to devise what they do and how to use them; however, as much of the pre-requisite knowledge is missing, it will be nigh-impossible in most cases to work out IC the science they are based upon. Trying to copy their internals in your own inventions will likely fail, and trying to disassemble or tinker with with their internals risks breaking the artefact. However, if you know what the item does, it is possible to use it as a component of your own designs. For instance, if you discovered some sort of ancient glowing power cube, while no amount of study would allow you to build your own, you could work out how to hook it up to provide power to your own creations. After all, using mysterious, nigh-magical ancient artefacts to operate your toaster never backfired for anyone, right?

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