The Conventions

Alongside the creation of the railway, Jowett Transport Co. set up a biannual Convention on board the train. Free to attend, they were designed to promote co-operation and the sharing of ideas between domes, by allowing any member of the societies to attend. The first of these Conventions is due to happen very soon, and it is in these Conventions that game sessions are set. The topic currently hot on everyone's lips is the strange rumours of an enigmatic 'paradise' that have been swirling between the domes. Is it real, and if so, what could it be? Dozens of differing opinions and theories abound…

Player characters form a portion of those who have boarded the train to attend this first Convention. They are mostly ordinary people from their domed societies, although perhaps possessing of a little more curiosity than the average citizen, which has brought them to this gathering.

As attendees of the Conventions come from many different domes, for around a week before and after, the train picks up and drops off passengers at their chosen domes. Though the Conventions officially take place once everyone is aboard, people naturally discuss things on the preceding days.

For OOC information on game sessions, see the When and Where page

The Bar

The Conventions are held in the one of the lounge carriages aboard the train. There is a bar in this carriage, which serves drinks and light snacks by a handful of waiters. However you can also sit at the bar, and the barmen are fairly chatty. They pick up a lot of idle chat, and often know where adventures are happening, and other titbits of rumours.

From an OOC perspective, the bar is designed to assist if you are running low on plot. If you sit down at the bar, the Gm who is “serving” will strike up a conversation, and can point you in the direction of something interesting going on. This is a great way to meet new people midgame, or a way into the game if you have created a new character.

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