Due to the separation of the domes, each has its own economy. There are a wide variety of economic systems among the domes, from bartering to monetary systems. As such, trading can be difficult at times, with certain things being valued differently in different places, and generally payment between domes can be confusing.

However there is a rapidly growing market based on this: if planned correctly, taking something with little value from one dome and selling it to another dome which prizes it can more than make up for the costs involved in transporting the item between domes. Due to the relatively high price of train tickets (and harsh luggage limits), most traders and merchants favour taking a horse and cart across the Wilderness. One popular technique, due to the infrequency of trains, is to actually ride your cart along the railway, as it far flatter than the alternative. Some of the more entrepreneurial types have even adapted carts with wheels to run on the tracks of the railway, although this becomes a challenge if you need to get the cart off the tracks to make way for something coming in the other direction. As the track itself is also owned by Jowett Transport Co., there are severe penalties to people who practice this trade, and the process has become more akin to smuggling.

To allow for the exchange of currencies, a few exchange points have been set up in domes. As there are no consistencies, they tend to provide exceptionally poor rates, and often won't deal in all currencies. As such, most of the time it is simply easier to strike a bargain with whomever you are buying or selling with, rather than changing currency beforehand. One of these exchange points is located on the Train, and while it is the most trusted (the others tend to be questionable street vendors), it is still an expensive way to conduct business.

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