Traits represent specific interesting things about your character: aspects of their personality, items that they own, etc. They are purchased at character creation, and are fixed once chosen. In particular circumstances, it is possible to gain or lose a trait during play through appropriate roleplay.

Traits come at a variety of costs between -3 and +3, with some traits having multiple options for different levels of power / severity. Positive traits are advantageous to your character, and can be leveraged in actions to give you a benefit. Negative traits are disadvantages, and may crop up at inconvenient moments, or need actions be put into them in order to keep them at bay.

When creating a character, you start with 2 free points to spend on positive traits, but you can spend up to an extra 6 points (for a maximum of 8) by taking negative traits to balance them out. While you can only gain back 6 points by taking negative traits, you may, if you are feeling particularly masochistic, take extra negatives just for fun.

As well as there being a large number of universal traits that can be taken by anyone, there are also some dome-specific traits. You can take any combination of traits from the Universal list and the list for your dome, although bear in mind that certain dome traits are only accessible to certain ranks within those domes. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about this.

Each trait can be taken a maximum of once per character, with the exception of those traits labelled (*), which may be taken multiple times if desired.

A rough guide to trait power levels:

  • +3 - A major advantage
  • +2 - A regular advantage (level of a quirk in recent systems)
  • +1 - A minor advantage
  • 0 - Neutral
  • -1 - A minor disadvantage
  • -2 - A regular disadvantage (level of a flaw in recent systems)
  • -3 - A major disadvantage

Universal Traits

Personal Traits

These traits reflect your personal qualities.

Perception (+1 / +2)

You have a keen eye for detail, allowing you to spot things that are out of place in your surroundings.

There are two levels to choose from:
(+1) - You are likely to notice changes in things, such as if a device has been tampered with.
(+2) - As well as spotting changes, you are also more likely to notice things which are purposefully being hidden, including people.

Dark Secret (-1 / -2)

There’s something you did in your past which you’d rather didn't see the light of day. If anyone finds out what you did, there’s going to be a lot of trouble coming your way. Make sure to tell us what you did!

Choose the severity of the secret:
(-1) - A crime of some severity. Example: You once murdered an important official.
(-2) - An unforgivable act of grave consequence. Example: You once burnt down a building containing hundreds of people.

Phobia (-1 / -2 / -3)

You’re irrationally scared of something, whether that be snakes, water or floral curtains. Strangely it seems that you’re more likely to encounter that something than other people… Let us know what you're scared of.

Choose the severity of the phobia:
(-1) - While you can just about maintain control in the presence of your phobia, you'll go quite far out of your way to avoid it, for better or for worse.
(-2) - If you come into contact with this, you lose control until it goes away. You'll probably have to spend a few minutes rocking in the corner afterwards.
(-3) - The mere mention of your phobia sends you into a state of panic. If you found yourself in the same room as it, you would do anything to escape.

Disorganised (-1 / -2 / -3)

Your organisation leaves something to be desired, making it difficult for yourself and others to find items you once had. While this won't detract from Strategy (this trait affects physical organisation - making detailed and workable plans is unaffected), it will likely throw a spanner into any plan involving you taking something somewhere. You're bound to find that important document eventually - it'll just take a bit of searching…

Choose the severity of your disorganisation:
(-1) - Your desk looks like a child's bedroom.
(-2) - You manage to loose your glasses while wearing them.
(-3) - The moment you put something down it seems to vanish. Sometimes it even finds its way into the hands of people you really rather wish it hadn't. Even simple trades with other characters end with items getting lost - taking this level will make it impossible for you to give or receive items to other characters in Minor Actions, among other things.

GM Note: We recommend only experienced / foolhardy players consider taking this at (-3).

Vice (-2)

You have a vice or habit that you just can't kick. Maybe you’re addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling, or perhaps it’s something more obscure such as an obsession with floral curtains or a predisposition to reciting the details of your plans when you think no-one is listening. Tell us what it is!

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (-3)

Sometimes you say things that tempt fate. Every now and then you’ll ask the question “what could possibly go wrong?” Expect the answer to be “everything”, and in the worst possible way. OC Note: This is not something you will invoke, but will slip out in the middle of a plan that seems to be going well… too well.

GM Note: We recommend only experienced players consider taking this.

Object Traits

These traits represent some material possession of yours.

Mysterious Item (+3)

You have in your possession a strange item or artefact. You don’t know what it does, but it’s bound to be useful, right? The GM Team will tell you what it looks like, but feel free to let us know how you came to have it.

Tool / Artefact / Weapon (+1 / +2 / +3) (*)

You have a useful tool, artefact, weapon or similar, which is better than the standard type of equipment regular people might have. Tell us what it is and what it does.

Choose how powerful / useful your item is:
(+1) - You have an item of note, nothing too unusual, but special to you. E.g. a collection of lock picks.
(+2) - This piece of equipment is fairly good quality, and you probably couldn't find a replacement to do the job at hand. E.g. a workstation and tools.
(+3) - A fairly unusual item you're in possession of, which your neighbours are probably somewhat envious of. E.g. a steam engine.

Resources (+1 / +2 / +3) (*)

Through inheritance, savvy trading, or just good luck, you find yourself in possession of a particularly sizeable resource. It might be a stockpile of a precious commodity, or perhaps it's just a big pile of money. Whatever it is, it's valuable. More outlandish requests may be subject to GM approval, but we're interested to hear them regardless! :) Just be aware that Resources are finite and consumable (in comparison to Tool / Artefact / Weapon, which are not consumable), and if you squander them all at once or allow them to be heavily damaged, you may lose them forever. At the same time, if taken care of properly (for instance, by shrewd entrepreneurship or proper maintenance), a Resource could still last you the entire game.

Choose the scale of your Resource:
(+1) - Since you were a kid, you've been putting a bit of money aside. It's enough to do a small project with, but won't pay the bills.
(+2) - You've been savvy with your earnings, putting some aside and investing it here and there. It's not enough to live away your days in luxury, but can afford you a few of the finer things in life.
(+3) - Luck has been in your favour, and though you may not have started with much, it's grown to be quite sizeable. If you were so inclined, (and have the appropriate insight), you could be one of the richest people around by the time you retire.

Information Network (+2)

You're well plugged in to society and the wider world - even your connections' connections have connections. Your Information Network is not omniscient, but you can use them to dig up dirt on other characters, and to help spread rumours.

Minions (+1 / +2)

You have a group of underlings who will do your bidding. They might be a group of supporters for your cause, workers in your factory or your loyal crew. They won’t be able to achieve anything major without your help but they can do small things like delivering packages or running a business.

Choose the capability of your minions:
(+1) - Perhaps not the most numerous of competent bunch, but they're capable of simple tasks in your absence.
(+2) - You wouldn't trust them with your life, but you can rely on them to pull off some vital aspect of your plans while you are elsewhere.

Pet (+1 / +2) (*)

You have tamed or acquired an animal from somewhere. They are not the brightest of things, but they might come in useful some time. See Fauna for details on what animals you might have.

Choose the usefulness of your bundle of fluff / hideous growling thing:
(+1) - This animal is more aesthetic than anything else, but it might come in useful for simple things such as barking at / scratching at / nuzzling intruders, or perhaps fetching objects.
(+2) - You weren't sure about it at first, but since you acquired this beast your life has become easier. This is mostly likely a work animal, such as a trusty steed.

Social Traits

These traits represent your interactions with others. Note that where another character is involved, that character must be an NPC. While you are more than welcome to form joint character concepts with other players that involve alliances / conflicts / etc, these should be reflected in the way you play your characters and cannot be statted.

Owed A Favour (+3)

Some time in the past, you did someone important a solid and now they owe you one. As long as you remain on their good side, you can call in that favour to help you out. Let us know who they are and how you helped them.

Competent Ally / Incompetent Ally (+2 / -2)

You have a friend or family member who seems to never leave your side. This could be someone to help with all those things that need doing, or perhaps they just get in the way, scuppering your plans or in constant need of rescuing. One way or another you seem to be inseparable. Let us know who they are.

Reputation (+2 / -2)

You are well known for your character, be that good or bad. If taken positively, people are more likely to respect and trust you. If taken negatively, getting people to side with you could well prove a challenge. Let us know what your reputation is and how you got it! Note that this will affect NPCs more than PCs, and at game start will probably only be known to the population of your resident dome. Over the course of the game, as your activities become more widely known, it could well spread elsewhere!

Enemy (-1 / -2)

You have an enemy. They might be a friendly rival constantly trying to out-do you or they could be a nemesis who wants nothing more than to see you crash and burn. Tell us who they are and why they want you to fail!

Choose their hatred for you:
(-1) - Ever since you were children you two have been fighting to be top of the class. Always trying to one-up each other should one day make you the winner, right?
(-2) - Okay, so it might not have been your fault, but you've seriously pissed this guy off. They want your head on a silver platter, and will do whatever is in their power to try and get it.

Responsibility (-2)

You have some form of responsibility. You might be the leader of a community or the owner of a factory. Whatever your responsibility, if you neglect it for too long, things are going to start falling apart, and running away from it will definitely make the situation worse. Tell us what it is!

Great Obligation (-3)

You have an obligation to someone. Perhaps they’re your master who taught you everything you know, or maybe they once saved your life. Regardless, at some point they’ll be expecting you to do something for them. Let us know who they are and why you owe them.

Playstyle Traits

These neutral traits are a bit different to the rest - they can be thought of as difficulty modifiers. The GM Team will use them when your character faces a risky or dangerous situation to determine how they will react. Obviously you cannot take both!

Careful (0)

You are rather risk-averse, and take things a lot more carefully than the average person. When faced with a risky choice, you would much rather take the option that sees you survive with all your limbs still attached rather than stick your neck out, even if by taking a chance you could win big. (You may choose to suspend this trait for certain actions if you want to take a specific risk.)

Note also that this will not grant you immunity from other players should you irritate them enough to warrant revenge. Nor will it protect you from out of character stupidity - if you turnsheet to walk into a volcano you are probably going to die!

Reckless (0)

You are fearless, and some may say a little rash. You laugh in the face of danger, especially even if you risk great danger in doing so. Sometimes your risks pay off with great rewards; other times, they might result in serious injury, or perhaps even death. (You may choose to suspend this trait for certain actions if you want to be a bit more careful. If so please mention that clearly at the beginning of your action. In general, however, this trait will make it somewhat more likely that your character will die during the course of the game - it is recommended only for players who want a bit more of a challenge.)

GM Note: We recommend only experienced / foolhardy players consider taking this.

Dome-specific Traits

These traits may only be taken by characters from the Dome in question. Note that some traits are restricted to certain ranks within that Dome.

Cross Traits

Union Member (0) [Workers Only]

You are a member of the Worker's Union. You may join or leave the Union at any time.

Influential in the Union (+2) [Workers Only]

You have gained some level of influence within the Union, which you can use to rally your fellow Workers to your side.

Note that you must be a member of the Union to make use of this. However, leaving the Union will not permanently remove this trait - it will return upon rejoining. Not compatible with 'At Odds with the Union'.

Pads Resident (+1) [Administrators / Creatives Only]

You are a resident in the Pads, the upmarket and highly fashionable residential area at the top of Cailey Tower, popular among Creative types. As well as giving you a very comfortable standard of living, this also plugs you in to the busy social scene of the tower, and all the swirling rumours that go with it.

Expansion Site Plot Owner (+1)

You own a plot of land within one of the expansion sites just outside the dome. While the sites are essentially secure from the threats of the Wilderness, there is some debate about their safety as the sites lie outside the protective technology of the dome. Still, it's away from prying eyes and is yours to do with as you will. Good for creating your own little space outside the cramped city, or for building that experimental contraption or glorious statue you've always dreamt of that just won't fit within what space you have in the dome itself.

Due to workforce limitations, there is a limit to the number of Sites available, and no new ones are scheduled to be opened soon. As a result, the waiting list for Sites is quite long, so do not expect to be able to easily obtain one without taking this trait at Character Creation.

Unemployed (-2)

You are currently out of work, and have been for some time. While being briefly between jobs is generally not an issue, Cross' cultural demand for busyness means there is a certain stigma attached to being unemployed for extended periods - it is thought to reflect badly on the person's motivation and skills. Perversely, this can make getting back into work non-trivial for a variety of reasons (do not expect to be able to easily negate this trait without a bit of effort - several major actions will be required to find and demonstrate your effectiveness in employment). The stigma associated with unemployment will close various doors to you socially, but more practically will also make you short on income, making it difficult to use services or obtain goods.

If your character is over the age of retirement (50 years of age) then they may be unemployed without taking this trait; taking this trait with a character over the age of 50 indicates unemployment up to the point of retirement (similarly for characters who turn 50 during the course of the game). The rank you choose for a jobless character will reflect what their employment was prior to being made unemployed; if they have been unemployed since reaching adulthood, you will likely wish to choose Worker.

At Odds with the Union (-2)

For some reason, you are not in the Worker's Union's good books. Perhaps you're an Administrator responsible for poor working conditions in a particular sector, or a Creative whose ostentatious attitudes are seen as crass and disrespectful to those who built this city. As a Worker you might be an insufferable brown-noser, or maybe your actions have been labelled as betraying the cause. Whatever you've done, the Union hate you for it, and are not likely to let you forget it.

Not compatible with 'Influential in the Union', but may still be taken with 'Union Member' for Workers - no amount of dislike is enough to bar someone completely from the Union.

Citadell Traits

Link with the Leader (+2)

You have a close relationship with one of the higher-ups in your profession. Whether you're a part of the Military or the Security Police, you've seen that this relationship has helped you a lot in the past.

Vocal Enthusiast (-1) [Army / Teachers / Rest of the Force Only]

You like talking a lot. In the past, you've raised your voice about how you think the Security Police's methods are excessive or incorrect, or something to that effect. Now, you're on their watch-list, and that's never good.

Kind Nurturer (+2) [Teachers Only]

Your teaching skills have left a great impression on many young minds, and they still feel grateful towards you. They might be able to pull some strings if you ask them for favours.

Cruel Officer (-1) [Security Police Only]

You're known throughout Citadell for your brutal methods when it comes to dealing with troublemakers. The people fear you, and some might even hate you behind closed doors.

Tough Officer (+1) [Security Police Only]

You're known throughout Citadell for your effectiveness when it comes to dealing with troublemakers. The people respect you for taking care of business, and you've saved many people from pesky troublemakers.

Regional Officer (0) [Security Police Only]

Choose this trait if you'd like to be a regional officer for a district. The GM's will choose your district for you. Keep in mind, becoming a Regional Officer will mean a considerable amount of duties.

Sophostos Traits

Eidetic Memory (+3)

You are fortunate to have a near perfect memory. A major advantage in exams or any time you need to recall precise details. OOC Note: Attempts at memorising something seen in session must be brought to the attention of a GM during the session

Thesis (+2)

You studied for and wrote a thesis, making you a functional expert on an aspect of obscure knowledge, such as The lifestyle of Social Insects, 2nd Century Poetry or Rocks and Minerals of the Northern Quadrant. Let us know what it was on!

Cloudcuckoolander (-2)

Street Smarts? Common Sense? Such things are for lower minds, you prefer to focus on higher things. Unfortunately this can be quite disadvantageous as with your mind rarely focused on the mundane world you often fail to notice or appreciate the possible dangers that surround you.

Haven Traits

Greenfingers (+1)

You are exceptionally talented at getting plants to grow strong, healthy and fast. Even if it's a seed found in a distant land, you have the know-how to nurture it into a beautiful plant.

Unwanted Guest (-1)

You extended your hospitality to someone but now they've outstayed their welcome and become a nuisance. It would be rude to ask them to leave but they just won't take a hint. Worse still, they tend to get in the way when you least want them to.

Just a Small Town Girl (-2)

You've lived your life in the quiet town and villages of Haven, where everyone knows each other. If you head into a large city dome it's going to be a bit of a shock, and you'll be rather overwhelmed. You're also more trusting than perhaps you should be, more likely to fall foul of a dodgy deal.

Wildekein Traits

Seeker (+2)

You are a member of the Seekers. As a result you can find safe refuge and aid in Wolff Tower as well as help with your exploratory endeavours.

Settler (+2)

You are a member of the Settlers. As a result you can find safe refuge and aid in the Fort as well as help with your business endeavours.

Underworld Affiliations (-2 / -1 / +1 / +2)

You have had contact with the criminal underworld in Wildekein, the consequences of which may be positive or negative depending on the type and extent of the contact. This could vary from an unpaid debt to being employed as an enforcer.

Choose the nature of your connection:
(-2) - You have annoyed some very important people in the underworld, maybe the heads of one of the major families, and they are now your worst enemies. Walking about at night through dark alleys is inadvisable.
(-1) - Perhaps you worked for one of the families briefly, and they did not like your work. They are not actively out to get you, but getting too close to them might rekindle their “interest” in you.
(+1) - You were an employee or an enforcer for the families and did a decent job, which left a fairly good impression.
(+2) - You are high up in the “Family Tree”, or you are one of the more trusted advisers to the families, or maybe you saved the life of an important leader. One way or another, this has lead to the family holding you in high regard.

Muruvia Traits

Protection+ (+3)

You have an upgraded plan from the Protection Agency. While protection officers won't be present, this will cover things like medical assistance (upon your return to the dome), or replacement of stolen/broken possessions (with a similar item).

Small Business Owner (+1)

Maybe you inherited it from your parents, or just had a brilliant idea and needed to market it. The result is you are now manager of a small company, maybe with a couple of other workers to help you. Life is hard, but rewarding, and it earns you a bit more than working for someone else. If you leave it unattended it is likely to collapse, but if you work at it the world could be your oyster.

Middle Management (-2)

You find whenever you want to do anything you have to fill out mountains of paperwork. Note: this will simply mean you occasionally can do less in a major action than you otherwise might, particularly if it is related to one of the companies.

Kallipolis Traits

ID Conflict (-2)

Your ID was previously assigned to someone else, either banished or (supposedly) executed. Unfortunately they seem to have returned, and they want it back. Make sure you let us know whether your character is aware of this or not!

Stolen ID (+2) (*)

For whatever reason you have in your possession a second ID. Either you're not the person everyone thinks you are or you have a shady ID card for underhand dealings. If you get caught, though, expect banishment - or worse.

Slummer Contact (+1 / +2)

Although not a slummer yourself, you have connections with those you are. This could be anything from a gutter-snipe you pry with food to lead you in and out of the dome undetected to an old friend you meet up with for a drink now and again.

Choose the nature of your connection:
(+1) - You have a minor link that occasionally proves useful for small things here and there.
(+2) - You have a major connection to the outside world that can really help you get things done.

Influence in the Senate (-2 / +2) [Philosophers Only]

As a philosopher you'll be entitled to sit and speak in the Senate. Although most carry some influence, certain characters stand out for their popularity… or notoriety.

Choose the nature of your reputation:
(-2) - Your views are generally unpopular, and you find it difficult to get much done if at all. You might have a very small clique on your side, but the vast majority ignore you, or worse.
(+2) - You command the chamber, with most (if not all) listening to what you say. When it comes to getting your own way, you usually have the gravitas and influence to push it through.

Ravissem Traits

ReLAX Addict (-3)

You are addicted to ReLAX, you have to take more than the average person. Sometimes it’s hard to get your hands on more and you feel sad. When you do you take it and feel too relaxed. This means your actions don’t have your full attention. Sometimes you will be unable to tell the gravity of the situation (e.g. Jack is high on ReLAX and he is wandering the wilderness, he sees a big cat with very sharp teeth. He thinks it looks cute and wants to stroke its fur.)

Beware: This trait has the potential to get severely worse over time if not dealt with.

Poker Face (+2)

Living in Ravissem you have learnt to put on a good face. It has become clear that many times it is a disadvantage to let people see what you feel on your fact, therefore after periods of training you have managed to create the perfect poker face, always looking happy and hype whenever you wish. Beware: this won’t help you in session.

Drug Induced Immunity (+2)

Somehow all the drugs and vaccines you have been subjected to all your life from your birth have made you immune to diseases from the Outside.

Drug Induced Vulnerability (-2)

Years and years in a bacteria free dome, always with medicine to heal your every scratch has made you vulnerable to diseases from the outside. Regardless of how many layers you wear you always seem to get at least a runny nose. Who knows what would happen if you were to encounter a more dangerous virus?

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