Please note that characters are rather new to the entire concept of weather and geology more complex than 'this is the ground'. They have lived in windless and rainless environments all their lives and thus will perceive these things with a higher intensity.

Though people didn't realise it, the domes had provided them shelter from all kinds of weather, and this was certainly one of the most striking changes when people first ventured outside. Having no internal weather simulation (short of a watering system in the greenhouses), concepts like wind and rain were rather alarming at first.

For this reason, many people venturing outside chose to do so in a rather protected manner. While this was impractical for travelling into the wilderness on horseback, it was one of the big attractions of using the railway.

Of course, for those born in the past 20-30 years, they have known about weather for all their lives and are no longer shocked at the prospect. For some domes these people are also somewhat used to the concept, though in the more restrictive domes, few have had the opportunity to experience it first hand. Rain is still seen as an unpleasant nuisance by most of the people of the domes.

Another matter which was of concern when people stepped outside, and still is for those who live inside the dome, which is most people, is the temperature. Not only does the temperature change, but it also gets much colder than the constant temperature of the domes.

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