When and Where

Paradiso sessions will be held in the Oscar Wilde Room in Magdalen College. Since the porters' lodge is very small and the pavement outside it is not very wide, we suggest meeting on the near-side of Magdalen Bridge, at the top of the slope down towards the river where some punts are moored (marked on the map). The GMs and other players will gather there until not long before sessions begin, but if you are late then the porters should be happy enough to let you into the college if you explain who you are.

The Oscar Wilde Room can be found from the lodge by going through St. John's Quad bearing right, entering the Cloisters and following them around anti-clockwise until the stairs to the hall are on your right, exiting the Cloisters by going straight ahead towards the bar, turning right and then going up a small set of stairs on your right. The GMs and other Magdalenite players will lead the way from the meeting point, so hopefully you shouldn't have to find it on your own!

We will meet from 7:00pm. Sessions will start at 7:30pm and end at 9:45pm.

Click the pointers on the map for more information. Street-view should make things clear if you're not sure.

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