The information presented on this page is intended to give you a flavour of this dome, to help you decide where you want your character to live and how they fit into the world. IC, most of it will be unknown to those who are not citizens. At game start, expect to receive a bit more detail on your chosen dome.

A dome where everybody is free to do as they please.

Located between the Sea of Mists and the Wilde Sea, Wildekein is a place where everything is permitted and anarchy reigns supreme. It is a place of adventure and conflict where a brave individual can make their mark or die trying. Life in the city is chaotic and dangerous yet there is much to be gained. With the advent of the Railway and the opening of the Wilderness there are many prizes for the taking and it is yet to be seen how the citizens of this unrestrained dome will react.

Population: ~42,000


Wildekein began life as an anarchist utopia, however this idyllic lifestyle was short lived. The original developers of the society failed to factor in the effect an enclosed and sealed environment, a huge dome, would have on a society where inhabitants favoured freedom above all else.

Ancient History

Very little of what was written on early Wildekein survives to this day. It is remembered as a peaceful time when the city was clean and beautiful. A time when people pursued their passions in comfort, safety and bliss. As always freedom was paramount. Back then this was achieved through the meeting of the populace to discuss and vote on civil guidelines at the Assembly. These were never particularly prescriptive guidelines, they required a unanimous decision, but they expressed the pure sentiments of the citizens and even without such specific law life continued without incident. Those guidelines which did pass through were maintained by the Academy of Arbitrators, an institution devoted to the training of peaceful negotiators, and their leader, the Mediator. Life continued on like this until 49 years ago, when the Revolution struck.

Recent History

Almost half a century ago, a question took hold in the hearts and minds of the people of Wildekein. A question which to this day defines the cities outlook on the world. That question is simple, “If we are free, then why can’t we go outside?” This sentiment caught on like wildfire and soon enough it was brought up at the Assembly. Not a single citizen could understand why there was this one restriction on their freedom, a restriction they didn’t impose on themselves, and so they decided to remove it. There was one problem though, nobody knew how to get out. Representatives from the Assembly sought the advice of the Mediator, as the head of the Academy he had the entire written knowledge of the dome at his disposal. They were to be disappointed, rather than offering meaningful answers the protector of freedom within the dome forbade any more discussion on the matter. Predictably, when the representatives returned with this answer it was not taken well and riots broke out. For four years the city succumbed to chaos and conflict. The people laid siege to the Academy, they tore down the assembly and brought the city to its knees. It was only after the Academy’s last stand, when the knowledge of the gates was discovered, that the civil war ceased and dome was opened for the first time in centuries. For many years after this the city sat in ruins tending its wounds while brave and foolhardy individuals adventured out eventually settling on the coast. Many of these expeditions never returned and it was not until approximately 15 years later that Gregory Wolff, an ambitious and hardened man, founded the Seekers. This handpicked team of individuals set out towards the South of the dome and on their travels discovered the first new dome, Muruvia. This incident set in motion all of the events that then followed, the discovery of the eight domes and the building of the IDRW.

The People

There is very little uniformity amongst the denizens of Wildekein, the only constant is the pursuit of one’s own goals. The people possess many varying talents, they pursue a multitude of careers or ways of life and they all approach the hard city from a different perspective. There are many factions, some large some small, of which the citizens may be a part of and there are many who go through life on their own. As a result of this chaotic melting pot of personas and hierarchies it would appear to an outsider that there is no delineation of class within Wildekein. On the face of it this is true however reputation is the true measure of an inhabitant of Wildekein. Whether this manifests itself as fame or infamy, whether it is deserved or fabricated, whether it is earned or stolen, these considerations are largely irrelevant. The more people know your name the greater the power you command in the city, the better your way of life becomes and the more you become the target of jealousy and envy.


To be a Transient is to be unaffiliated and unknown, a ghost in the city. They live in the streets, in abandoned houses and in the surrounding Wilderness and travel beneath the radar even in a city spurred on by gossip and secrets.


The unremarkable masses constitute the majority of the population of Wildekein. The everyday men, the unexceptional, these are the people who carry on the day to work of the city and these are the people from which the exceptional few are plucked.


Within every field, faction and region there are people whose names mean something. They run businesses, the manage workers, they lead expeditions and they run the day to day workings of the city.


Fame is sporadic and elusive yet it is powerful and within Wildekein it is power. There are those whose great deeds have catapulted them into the public eye and there are those whose name instills fear in all who hear it. These select few are the Kings and Queens of Wildekein and they control the city yet they are not invincible. Their status is fleeting and they can be brought low as fast as they rose and it is how one deals with this frailty which determines who stays and who goes.


With no laws, no government and dozens of factions in a constant struggle for survival and fame life in Wildekein can be tough.

Government and Laws

The only law in Wildekein is that the people are free. Everything is permitted, as long as you don’t get in the wrong person’s way. There are many codes of conduct, guidelines and general rules to live by throughout the city and its various factions and these are prone to change at any time. Some have been around for decades such as the sanctity of the Assembly Bar and the freedom to leave the city at a moment’s notice whereas others have been around for only a short period of time, notably that nobody is to interfere with the workings of the IDRW. Only those within the city or one of its factions can truly shed light on which rules are likely to be enforced.


Trade is performed predominantly through a barter system within the city however the old currency, the Liber, is still in circulation despite it being out of production. Since the introduction of new products and currencies from other domes the Liber has lost value however within Wildekein any currency is fair game as long as you have enough. Although most of the cities economy is based around small enterprises there are a few large economic players. Food production and the provision of water is dominated by the Settlers; protective services are run almost exclusively by the Families and the Assembly Bar is an institution almost immune from economic fluctuation. Ever since the railway new opportunities may arise and competitors may rise to break the status quo.

Daily Life

There is very little in the way of a standard day for a citizen of Wildekein. Daily life varies drastically with affiliation, career and reputation.


Childhood can be a very tough time in Wildekein and most children have to grow up fast. A side effect of the cities old rules is that very few children are pressured into a profession – the choice is theirs. Many learn on the job but a lucky few receive an education from freelance teachers.


The textile industry in Wildekein is not exactly booming and most clothing is designed for utility. Some trends do make the rounds when an influential player has a style that makes an impression.


After going through a technological boom prior to the Revolution development has dropped starkly. Very little development has been undertaken in living conditions and other domestic technologies since then but there are a few key areas which the people of Wildekein have pursued with renewed fervour especially since the creation of the railway. The most notable of these are survival equipment, hunting weaponry and transport, particularly by water.

Interacting with the Outside

Ever since the Revolution the people of Wildekein have been leading the way in exploration. They discovered the first domes, the Wilde Sea and they helped map the region in preparation for the railway. They take this same curiosity and dedication to their negotiations with other domes, though some factions do so with different goals, but some of those domes do not take well to the unorthodox lifestyle of Wildekein.


Since the Revolution Wildekein has been a very divided city and as a result numerous factions have sprouted up from the wreckage of the old order. Some of these factions have cemented themselves as institutions whereas others live fleeting lives of fame or misfortune before dissolving.


A group of explorers founded to carry out the first great expedition which eventually led to the discovery of Muruvia and the other domes. Now an established organisation, the Seekers provide support to citizens of Wildekein looking to travel outside of the city. They also mount their own expeditions. A number of the Seekers were involved in the creation of the IDRW track, since then their endeavours have been directed outwards towards the unexplored lands of the North.


The Settlers are the oldest faction in the city. Established during the Revolution to protect the greenhouses and those families unable to protect themselves. The group is now based in The Fort on the East side of the dome where they work the cities remaining greenhouses and regulate the cities water supply. Life in the Settlers is relatively peaceful and out of all the groups in the city resembles the old order the most. The group was instrumental in getting Wildekeinians to accept the proposed IDRW and they provided a large majoirty of the cities workers.

The Families

Very little is known about the Families, even within the city. They are the dominant force in the Wildekeinian underworld and rumour has it that they date back before the Revolution. They have their fingers in everything and many citizens are involved with them in one way or another.

Smaller Factions

There are many smaller factions within the domed city and even outside. Some examples include the boatbuilding associations of the Yards, the Assembly Bar, the remnants of the Arbitrators and mercenary associations


Much of the original city layout has been lost in the chaos and destruction of the Revolution and the resulting rebuilding. The maze of streets is ever changing and very few outside of the dome could hope to find their way once they step off the beaten track. There are, however, a few constants within Wildekein. To the East lie the greenhouses, the main source of food in the city and around which sits the Fort. In the North the ruins of the Academy lie as a haunting memorial to the past. Finally, housed in the Western wall of the dome is the Gate the doorway to Outer Wildekein and the Wilderness. Surrounding the city are numerous developments, a result of the domes early expansion. This region, known as Outer Wildekein (or the Outlands), extends as far as the sea to the West where a bustling industrial settlement has sprouted.


Wildekein has seen much structural change since the Revolution. What was once a beautiful and simply designed city has been heavily damaged and modified by the various factions, individuals and conflicts that dominate daily life. Very little of Wildekein has not been twisted to some purpose or another and in some places the old city is completely unrecognisable. As a result of the various factions and individuals vying for fame and supremacy inside the domes walls, the sprawling city is in a constant state of change and conflict. One day a building may be home to group of traders, the next it could be damaged and vacant and the next it could be inhabited by a local gang and connected to other nearby houses via walkway. This architectural turmoil has made it very hard to map the city, however there are a few notable landmarks both inside the dome walls and in the wilderness surrounding it.

Important Places

Inner Wildekein

The Fallen Academy

A relic of the old order the Academy lies to the North of the city in state of heavy disrepair. The Revolution certainly left its mark on the formerly impressive building as whatever wasn't torn down or torched has been stripped, stolen and used to build across the city. What little remains stands as a grim reminder of what once was and of the devastating side effects of the restriction of individual freedom. Despite all of the devastation the grand front doorway still stands as a memorial.

The Fort

Home to the faction commonly known as the Settlers, the fort is a large network of buildings situated on the Eastern side of the dome, surrounding and encompassing 70% of the remaining greenhouse farms. The outer buildings have been heavily fortified so that what was once an area of residential, administrative and industrial buildings now forms a makeshift wall around the food supply. Despite its apparently scrappy look the wall, and the buildings that support it, form a largely impenetrable barrier which is constantly manned and repaired. There have been many attempts to breach the walls but none have been particularly successful. There is only one known entrance to the Fort and it consists of a two heavy metal doors manufactured from the remnants of the Academy. These doors lie open at most hours, though are heavily manned, and only shut at night or during an attack. Inside the Fort, as a result of the generally peaceful lifestyle, there are quite a few established shops and relatively nice residential areas. Once you pass the bustling area just within the walls you reach the greenhouses which, apart from the processing plants and the odd building, extend all the way to the dome walls. Also housed within the walls of the Fort is the city water supply. Fed from a river outside the processing plant is entirely surrounded by Settler fortifications. Despite the seemingly ordered nature of the Fort, its incredible size, complexity and the nature of Wildekein itself means that even the Fort has not been fully mapped out and many secrets lie in its midst.

The Assembly Bar

Housed in one of the few remaining halls of the centrally located, old Assembly, the Assembly Bar is the place to meet and do business in Wildekein. It holds an almost sacred place in Wildekenian society, almost akin to the old Assembly itself. It is a place where the honest and dishonest, powerful and weak, insiders and outsiders meet. Where conflict is forbidden and the rules are followed by even the most unscrupulous crime lord. A place where all are equal in the eyes of the practically all seeing, all powerful owner. The main room itself would be a pretty simple affair if it weren't for the impressively large bar. Taking up the entirety of the back wall where the speaking podium once stood the bar is manned by at least a dozen bartenders. The bar, as well as the entrance, is guarded by very unforgiving bouncers and all of this is overseen by the owner, known to most simply as Sir.The hall itself is packed full with chairs, tables, stools, benches and a myriad other decorations salvaged from across the city. Unparalleled in its ability to serve and in its sheer capacity, the Assembly Bar is never empty and has been keeping the populace of Wildekein inebriated since the Revolution.

Outer Wildekein

The Yards

Ever since the first boat sailed from the coast of the Sea of Mists the boatyards, colloquially known simply as the Yards, began to form. Gradually they developed from a few entrepreneurial boatbuilders to a dense and bustling industrial complex with dozens of nautical associations and other industrial enterprises competing for contracts. Almost viewed as a town in its own right the Yards are the first port of call, outside of the newly built railway, for anyone seeking to travel beyond the dome.

Wolff Tower

Originally, a small homestead built on a cliff overseeing where the shipyards would once be built. Wolff Tower was built soon after first contact with Muruvia. It has since, like everything in Wildekein, been heavily modified and expanded. Home to the Seekers, the former homestead is now an expansive complex with everything the seekers require to prepare themselves for exploration into the wilderness from traders and crafters to advisers. The most notable development is its namesake, Wolff Tower, a lighthouse built up from the original homestead. The burning beacon is the first thing travellers see when they approach the area.

Common Opinions


“Definitely one to watch. All those buildings are pretty impressive, unlike some of the shoddy attempts around here. I hear they are having some trouble moving out into the Wilderness, maybe there's an opportunity to be had there…”


“It's a pretty scary place, those Security Police give me the chills. Gotta hand it to them though, they sure know how to fight.”


“All those tests, books, research. I've never seen one of them do anything remotely interesting. What's worse is when they come here on the train, they stare at us like we're an animal to be studied… it's unnerving.”


“Dreadfully dull, all they want to do is hide in their bubble and watch the world go by.”


“An interesting bunch, those Muruvians. They're all about success and doing the best you can which is admirable even if they have that Protection Agency. When it comes down to it they are pretty good neighbours.”


“A dreadful place. Embodies everything we fought against in the Revolution. How they can go on living like that is a mystery.”


“Strange folks they are. No aspirations, no freedom, no character. However, that ReLAX is interesting…”


“I’m not sure about that train, it seems like anyone could just jump on and visit. The Settlers must be all for it though after providing all those workers, hope they know what they’re doing.”

The Wilderness

“The possibilities are endless. It’s a dangerous place, sure, but nothing good in this world comes without a little risk. It’s ours for the taking and I can guarantee that everyone here feels the same.”


“Paradise? Silly idea. All that matters in life is that we get to do what we want when we want. I guess that’s what goes for Paradise round here, a little freedom.”

Rolling a Wildekeinian Character

Note: this section is for creating a character in Wildekein. For more general character creation read the character creation page.

As a result of the tough lifestyle within the dome and free access to the outside Wildekeinians are natural survivors. The secrets of the wilderness surrounding the dome are common knowledge and along with their resourcefulness this makes them particularly suited for life outside the domes. However, there are very few occupations unavailable to an enterprising citizen so people of all skill and talents can find a home here.They are often suspicious of the other domes, particularly those that limit individual freedom. There are three playable ranks within Wildekein. Transients are individuals who operate off the grid and as such have a natural affinity for being discreet.

Unremarkables are the predominant class of people. For these people the ability to hold one’s own in a fight is a necessity for surviving daily life in Wildekein

Noted individuals often find themselves in charge of groups of followers. Consequently, they usually find themselves having to convince those below them that they know what they’re doing so that they can keep their status.

Although it is not possible to start off as a famous individual within Wildekein, such a status can be earned throughout the game. Rumours, dealings and deeds can all earn a player fame however this fame can be lost almost as fast as it was gained. It is up to you to decide how you deal with this.

When rolling a character in Wildekein it is worth thinking about your characters profession and whether they belong to one of the many factions. This could be a major or minor faction, they could even be in the process of growing their own faction and this should be specified. Other considerations include criminal persuasions, affinity for the wilderness and where your character lives in or out of the dome.

Playable Ranks

You can choose to play any of the following ranks. The Skills listed are the favoured skill for each rank (meaning you can take up to 3 points in that skill, rather than the usual 2).

Rank Favoured Skills
Transient Navigation and Stealth
Unremarkable Navigation and Combat
Noted Navigation and Persuasion

Wildekein Specific Traits

For more information about the traits system, as well as other traits a Wildekein character can take, please visit the traits page.

Seeker (+2)

You are a member of the Seekers. As a result you can find safe refuge and aid in Wolff Tower as well as help with your exploratory endeavours.

Settler (+2)

You are a member of the Settlers. As a result you can find safe refuge and aid in the Fort as well as help with your business endeavours.

Underworld Affiliations (-2 / -1 / +1 / +2)

You have had contact with the criminal underworld in Wildekein, this may have negative or positive consequences depending on the type and extent of the contact.

(-2) – You have caused real offense to an individual or group. They are actively looking for you to pay for your transgression.
(-1) – You have a minor grievance with a criminal organisation and if you run into them you may have problems. This could be something similar to owing a small debt.
(+1) – You have provided support to, or kept your mouth shut about, a criminal act or group. This left a good impression.
(+2) – You have been a loyal supporter of a group or individual and in return they are willing to lend you their aid, or forgive missteps, when you require.


Remember, dressing up is entirely optional! These are simply suggestions for those who want to.

When it comes to costuming in Wildekein it is best to think practical and simple, extravagance is rare and even more rare is the expression of that extravagance through fine clothes. Many of the citizens wear apparel suited for travelling outside the dome. However, there is an increasing number of brave, or foolish, individuals attempting to integrate styles from other domes into the Wildekenian aesthetic.

Naming Conventions

Nicknames are very popular in Wildekein, particularly for those who have garnered themselves a reputation, and many people go their whole lives with only such a name. There is very little else in the way of a consistent naming convention, some citizens have one name, some may even have none. There is however one name nobody would go by, that of Raz, the last Mediator.

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