The area surrounding the domes and through which most of the railway is built consists largely of rolling plains and grassland. This transitions into marshland in some areas as it approaches the sea or some of the major rivers and is also far drier and barren in some areas. Mountain ranges have been spotted in the distance, as well as mighty forests, although these have not been thoroughly explored. Although expeditions have been sent to them, few have returned. Caution is advised if one is traveling outside of one's dome, and going alone is very dangerous and strongly discouraged. If possible, people of different skills should be gathered, to increase the chances of survival.

Advice for Travellers

“People of the domes, we have been lucky to find each other. We have ensured that civilization has not collapsed, and that there is still hope in this post-apocalyptic world. For now, it seems that we were the only ones who survived, but we cannot be sure. Therefore, I urge all of our citizens to take care when going outside, most of what lies there is still unknown. If you are going out, make sure to take someone with you, and take notes of what you see. And finally, if you do happen to encounter any danger out there, shoot first and ask questions later.”
- Advice for Travellers, the Handy Guide for Domians, Distributed on the Train

Traveller's Tales

“Ah've seen many a strange things out thar in the Wilderness an' lost too many good men. Yer can be walking through the marshes and next thing yer know yer up to yer neck in quicksand. Geoff an' Jon went that way, nasty way to go, drowning in mud. Yer can be bitten by a snake, or a lizard an' die in 'orrible screamin' agony. Lost Will to a snake bite, 'e took two days to die. Then thar's the disappearances, whole parties gone missing. Sometimes yer find the bodies, sometimes yer don't. Strangist thing ah've seen though was when we were searching for a group that 'ad gone missin 'bout 2 months earlier. We found the bodies alright, jist lying in a field. No sign of what killed them, it was jist like they'd jist fallen asleep. An' all around there were the bodies an' bones of all animals as well, jist the same. Weel that gave me the right willies that did but we brought the bodies back for a proper burial, we did.”
- Jack Tibbs, Seeker, Wildekein

“We were heading further up the track towards the next encampment, a couple of days ride north of us. We hadn't heard from them for weeks, and there was growing concern in our camp for their safety. As we passed over the hill, well, the sight still haunts me to this day. The camp was in ruins. Almost everything had been burnt to the ground, and the smell - oh the smell. Bodies were strewn haphazardly as though some great beast had come and torn them limb from limb. But even now, we still haven't encountered any such creature that could overpower a 30-strong workforce. Poor souls.”
- Samatha Cartwright, Muruvia

“It was a long time ago, the doors to the dome had just opened. I was a young lad thirsty for adventure. I knew nothing of the outside, just tales, legends, things I dismissed as false. It was just me and my buddy Henry, we were so full of ourselves, thought we could take on the world. We left the safety of our dome to go search for a thrill. We didn't last long until we got hungry. But we couldn't just turn back, our prides did not allow it. We went on afraid of the fruits that the forest gave us yet our hunger getting more and more severe. Soon we came across this herd of small adorable animals. I had heard tales of people eating meat, they were perfect easy targets. Yet as we approached they sensed us and showed their true faces. Sharp angry teeth they came at us. I was lucky to escape alive, Henry was not, he gave his life to save mine. I lost an arm and a friend that day. Never left the dome since.”
- James Higgnis, Haven

“It was one of the long ones. Me and my men had been out for over a month, and our supplies were running low. Robin had become delirious and Damien was carrying her on his shoulder. Then, we got hit. They came from everywhere, and it was instantaneous. I felt a sharp burn on my leg, and fell down. When I came to, half of our men were gone, nowhere to be found. None of us remembered what had happened. Damien regrouped the remaining men, and we went straight back. Good thing was, our supplies hadn't been touched, so we had enough to get us back home. That was my worst expedition, if you must know.”
-Robert Pearce, Citadell's Soldier

“I was in the base camp party of the second expedition sent to map the Mountains north of Sophostos. We were hoping to find deposits of iron, as had been found in the Mountains near Cross, as well as discover what had become of the first expedition sent into the Mountains, which had disappeared 6 months earlier. The journey upriver was reasonably uneventful and we set up base in the foot hills before sending out the scouting parties. Not one of them returned. At night we would hear strange noises and we sometimes saw mysterious fires in the distance. These fires did not stay constant but rather would flare up suddenly before disappearing. Finally one night there was a terrible storm and a mud slide destroyed half the camp. We had no choice but to make our way back to Sophostos. Out of the thirty men and women who had left the dome, only six returned.”
-Theodora Meadden, Sophostos

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